All-new 2023 Toyota Aqua (Prius C) GR-S launched in Japan as a 171 PS warm hatch

Not content with just being a standard but comfortable hybrid hatchback, the all-new second-generation Toyota Aqua, which is the JDM name for the Prius C that was once sold in Malaysia, has been given the Gazoo Racing (GR) treatment.

Just launched in Japan, the second-gen Aqua GR Sport (GR-S) balances the comfort of a TNGA-based hybrid car with the famed performance elements of Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR). Hence, the Aqua GR-S is the sixth GR-S model currently sold in Japan following the Yaris Cross, Hilux, C-HR, Copen, and Land Cruiser.

Like other GR-S models offered, the Aqua GR-S features some exciting visual enhancements like a more streamlined front bumper, a sportier hexagonal mesh grille in front and on the rear bumper as well as 17-inch aluminium wheels wrapped in 205/45R17 Potenza RE050A rubbers.

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However, the TGR team didn’t just stick with improving the Aqua’s sporty capabilities in looks alone. The hybrid hot hatch (it’s more lukewarm, to be honest) gets a dedicated tuning suspension for both the front and rear with tuned coil springs and shock absorbers which promise better responsiveness while balancing high comfort.

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Another enhancement made to the Aqua GR-S is the specially tuned electric power steering which Toyota claims to give better steering feel as well as the addition of a Power+ mode for those vigorous moments behind the wheel.

That said, this is not a dedicated GR model and under the hood is the same 1.5-litre Dynamic Force hybrid engine (171 PS/261 Nm combined) that is offered on the standard Aqua. This unit is mated with an e-CVT automatic gearbox that drives the front wheels.

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As such, the interior is mostly the same as the regular Aqua with the addition of GR badges on the three-spoke leather steering wheel and on the front bucket seats which are a combination of nubuck and synthetic leather.

The Aqua GR-S retails at JPY 2,595,000 (~RM 84k) which puts it the second-most expensive variant of the Aqua in Japan behind the Aqua Z E-Four (4WD) variant that is priced at JPY 2,598,000 (~RM 84.5k).

Previous-gen Aqua GR-S shown, notice the GR Yaris/Vios GR-S front bumper resemblance?

Unfortunately, the all-new Aqua – regular or GR-S – is likely to only remain in Japan as the previous-gen Prius C was pulled out in many markets. Unless a recond dealer is offering the all-new Aqua in Malaysia, that is the only way one could experience the latest generation of Toyota’s hybrid hatchback here.

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Source: All-new 2023 Toyota Aqua (Prius C) GR-S launched in Japan as a 171 PS warm hatch

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