Used Honda Jazz (GK) – from RM 40k, last of its line hatchback, how much to maintain and repair?

Having sampled the Honda City Hatchback recently – which no doubt is a superb product – we felt a lingering feeling, that though better, it has lost some of the charm of the preceding Honda Jazz (GK) delivered in spades.

For one beyond, its cutesy looks, the GK Jazz was a giant killer in terms of space and packaging, managing to rival the practicality and refinement standards of much larger cars, it also featured a punchy powertrain and was fun to drive.

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Won’t be seeing this one in Malaysia, officially anyways

Alas, Malaysia does not receive the latest generation, but it’s good to know that you can still pick up a used GK Jazz for the price of a new Perodua Myvi today, here’s what you need to know.

The GK Honda Jazz range in Malaysia

Facelift model pictured

When it was launched in 2014, the GK Honda Jazz came in three variants, S, E and V. These are mostly equipment differences, but there was only one powertrain option, the 120 PS, 145 Nm 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder engine with a CVT-type automatic. 

In 2017, the facelifted Jazz received regular cosmetic and equipment upgrades and an additional Sport Hybrid i-DCD variant.

The hybrid Jazz came with a 1.5-litre petrol engine, a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with an integrated electric motor, and a lithium-ion battery that delivered 137 PS and 170 Nm combined.

The facelifted GK Jazz range retained the S, E variants, with the Sport Hybrid slotting in just below the V variant.  

Honda Jazz GK powertrain
Engine Output Transmission


120 PS, 145 Nm CVT
137 PS, 170 Nm

The variant to buy and current market prices

Prices of the GK Jazz range between RM 40k for early 2014 and 2015 units and rise to approximately RM 80k for the newer 2019 – 2020 units.

Thus, choices are aplenty across a rather wide price range. The 1.5 Hybrid variant typically ranges between RM 50k and RM 70k.

Used prices of the GK Jazz units actually trade marginally higher than GM6 City which sold alongside. 

Purchasing the right GK Jazz for you requires choosing between naturally aspirated or hybrid 1.5-litre powertrains.

The more complex Sport Hybrid offers better fuel economy, power, and driving performance, but as with any hybrid, there is a cost to be considered if a battery or inverter replacement is needed down the line. 

Like the GM6 City, higher mileage cars need not be a deterrent factor – as parts and repairs are easily accessible, but take your time in sourcing a well-maintained vehicle with a comprehensive service history. 

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Honda Jazz GK basic running costs
Variant Jazz S, E, and V Sport Hybrid
Road tax (RM) 90
Tyre size 175/65R15 / 185/55R16 175/65R15
Tyres/pc (RM) 145 – 250 / 170 – 280 145 – 250
Battery – NS40 (RM) 200 – 260

Maintenance and common problems?

With robust powertrains and great build quality, the Jazz has a proven reputation for reliability, thus with proper maintenance, they’re known to perform well for years. 

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Here’s a simplified table of the basic maintenance schedule of a GK Jazz:

Honda Jazz GK basic maintenance costs
Maintenance / Interval  Items  Cost (RM)
Oil change / 10k km Engine oil, filter and drain plug washer 280
Air filter / 20k km (NA/Hybrid) Engine air filter 95/170
Cabin filter / 40k km NA / 30k km Hybrid Dust and pollen filter  105 / 140
Fuel filter / 110k km Fuel filter and retainer 280
Brake service / 60k km Brake fluid 80
Transmission service / 40k km (CVT) ATF oil and filter 150

Transmission service / 160k km (7DCT)

ATF oil and filter 80
Replace coolant / 200k km (NA/Hybrid) Coolant 150 / 130
Spark plugs / 100k km (NA/Hybrid) Replace spark plugs 390 / 440

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Service costs for the GK Jazz are reasonable, with the only difference between the naturally-aspirated and hybrid variants being the transmission service. The 7DCT actually requires less maintenance and intervals are four times as long. 

Drivetrain and suspension components tend to show signs of wear at around the 120k km mark. The following are a few issues to take note of:

Honda Jazz GK common faults
Front lower arm Increased vibration / roadshock 750 (Ori)
Front absorber Increased vibration / roadshock 580 (Ori)
Rear absorber Suspension noise / creaks 480 (Ori)
Ignition coil Rough idle / loss of power 200 / unit
Engine leaks Engine oil sump, transmission sump, valve cover gasket 1,000

Like the GK Jazz, engine oil leaks on the engine sparingly occur at the engine and transmission oil sumps, and valve cover gasket. However, more often than not, this is caused by a lack and/or improper maintenance. 

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That said, prospective buyers are advised to remove the engine and transmission underbody cover (which hides these issues) and properly inspect the corresponding area.

As for the Jazz Hybrid, batteries are offered with an 8-year warranty and cost about RM 5,500 to replace. However, all Jazz Hybrids are barely 5 years old, and therefore still benefit from their manufacturer warranties. 

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Jazz’s Ultra Seats is a lesson in interior flexibility

Besides being a practical and well-designed hatchback, the GK Jazz offers additional appeal due to the fact it’s the last Jazz model to be offered in Malaysia. 

The GK Jazz makes a compelling option for first-time car buyers or even enthusiast types who want the prestige and driving experience of a Honda over a new domestic model such as the Myvi or Iriz

2017 Honda Jazz tracking

As always, take your time in looking for a well-maintained example, that features a comprehensive history, or, enjoy total peace of mind and leave it to the experts at Carsome, when finding your next dream car. 

Source: Used Honda Jazz (GK) – from RM 40k, last of its line hatchback, how much to maintain and repair?

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