Cheapest EV with 500 km range? Ora Good Cat launched in Malaysia; priced from RM 140k, full ADAS among features

Our EV space finally welcomes the Ora Good Cat proper, as the fully-imported (CBU China) hatchback has just been launched in Malaysia, within the industrial confines of Subang EX8.

Final specifications and prices are simpler than initially revealed; there are just two variants (400 Pro and 500 Ultra), priced from RM 139,800 and RM 169,800 respectively. Over 100 bookings have been collected since the recent Malaysia Motor Expo.

These prices put it smack in a hotly-contested arena that has the Hyundai Kona Electric (RM 157k to RM 208k), and perhaps the Renault Zoe (RM 163k to RM 175k).

Up to 500 km range, 32 mins charging

No frunk action; just a good ol’ boot

We’ll get to the obvious bits in a while but first, here’s the performance and range figures. Both variants of the Good Cat are driven by a 143 PS/210 Nm electric motor, and top speed for both of them is a claimed 152 km/h.

What’s not same is the battery technology and consequently, range. The 400 Pro gets a 48 kWh lithium ion phospate battery (LFP), good for 400 km of range, while the 500 Ultra gives you – you guessed it – 500 km of range courtesy of its 63 kWh ternary lithium battery. Both range figures are NEDC-rated, by the way.

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If you so choose, one-pedal driving is possible with Ora’s Intelligent single pedal control system. How it works – well, similarly at least – is in our Nissan Note video which you watch here.

AC charging is via Type 2, while DC charging is through a CCS2 connection. Charging time for each variant are as below:

Ora Good Cat charging time
400 Pro 500 Ultra
AC charging (6.6 kW): ~8 hours

DC fast charge (60 kW), 30% – 80%: ~32 minutes

DC fast charge (60 kW), 0% – 80%: ~46 minutes

AC charging (6.6 kW): ~10 hours

DC fast charge (60 kW), 30% – 80%: ~40 minutes

DC fast charge (60 kW), 0% – 80%: ~60 minutes

Battery technology by CATL

Suspension, brakes, and tyres are all the same between variants (torsion beam at the back, four disc brakes, 215/50 compound tyres around 18-inch wheels). No spares here; there’s only a tyre repair kit for any oopsies on the road.

X50-sized, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, massage seat

The Ora Good Cat is a big cat. Measuring 4,235 mm long, 1,825 mm wide, and 1,596 mm tall, while resting on a 2,650 mm wheelbase, it’s only a smidge shorter and lower than a Proton X50, yet it remains wider with a longer wheelbase. A kitten this isn’t.

Standard features are abundant; an active air intake grille, intelligent automatic LED headlights (with welcome effect on the 500 Ultra), LED daytime running lights (DRL), rain-sensing wipers, and a panaromic sunroof make that up.

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Inside, suede forms the dashboard while the seats are synthetic leather. You can have yours in three colourways: Green with Grey, Beige with Brown (these two combos are only on the 500 Ultra, though what you can select depends on the exterior colour you chose) or just single-tone Black.

A 6-way power-adjustable driver’s seat and 4-way manual passenger seat comes standard, but the 500 Ultra sweetens the deal with massage and memory functions for the boss behind the steering wheel.

On space, there’s a maximum of 858 litres of bootspace.

Other standard fitments include all four automatic windows, five USB ports (one for dashcam) with one power outlet, interior defogging, wireless charger, and automatic air-conditioning with built-in PM 2.5 filtration.

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With the exception of 6 speakers over 4 in the 400 Pro, both Ora Good Cat variants in Malaysia get a 7-inch multi-information display, 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen, and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Full ADAS on both variants

Safety is sorted in both variants of the Ora Good Cat, with 6 airbags, the requisite ABS/ESC/HSA, ISOFIX tethers, and 360-camera present and correct. Though both variants come with active safety (ADAS, called the Ora Pilot here), the features in the 500 Ultra understandably draw a longer list.

Standard ADAS features are:

  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
  • Intelligent cruise assistance (ICA)
  • Traffic jam assist (TJA)
  • Front collision warning (FCW)
  • Autonomous emergency braking + intersection (AEB)
  • Low speed emergency braking (LSEB)
  • Lane keeping assist (LKA)
  • Lane departure warning (LDW)
  • Lane centring assist (LCA)
  • Wisdom dodge system (WDS)

The 500 Ultra adds on the fun stuff, like auto-reverse assistance (ARA), fully-automatic integrated parking (FAIP), emergency lane keeping (ELK), lane change assist (LCA), as well as blind spot detection (BSD), giving it Level 2+ semi-autonomous driving capability.

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Lovely switchgear design

With blind spot detection, there’s also rear-collision warning (RCW), rear-cross traffic alert (RCTA), rear-cross traffic braking (RCTB). Parking sensor count are four (rear only) on the 400 Pro, and 12 on the 500 Ultra (6 in front, 6 at the back).

Aftersales, deliveries, waiting times

GWM bundles a 4-in-1 Purr-fect package where Good Cat buyers can enjoy a complimentary portable and home charger, a 5-year/150,000 km warranty, an 8-year/180,000 km battery warranty, and 5 times free service labour maintenance.

Verdant Green with White Roof

Deliveries will take between two to four months, depending on variant and colour chosen. If you want a fast track, then the 500 Ultra in Hazelnut Beige with Brown Roof, or the Verdant Green with White Roof will be the earliest stocks available – as soon as January 2023.

Hazelnut Beige with Brown Roof

Speaking of colours, the two named above are exclusive to the 500 Ultra, while Mars Red with Black Roof, and Hamilton White with Black Roof are available on both variants. Single-tone colours are Coral Blue, Hamilton White, and Sun Black.

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Maybe one day we’ll see an Oyen shade, in honour of all the hijinks the orange cats are well known for…

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