How Rajat Khare supports startup founders of the future

European startups from the technology sector are attracting the attention of investors thanks to their innovative solutions and disruptive ideas. The industry is increasingly concerned with the key
challenges of our time.

The founder of the European deep-tech investment firm Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare, is convinced that the ambitious company founders are able to change the world for the better. Rajat Khare aims to
build pioneering and sustainable businesses rather than focusing on short-term and high returns on investment.

Hoping to bring humanity one step further, he now invests his fortune in promising start-ups. For example, through Boundary Holding, Khare has long been investing in “Aero 41”, a Swiss company for agricultural technology, which simplifies the spraying of crop protection products in agriculture with the help of drones and its own software solution. “The use of drones in agriculture is booming. Drones can reach areas that are very difficult to access, for example steep tea fields at high altitudes. They also save workers having to move through the fields with backpack sprayers, which can endanger their health. The technology by Aero 41 can be targeted to specific areas to maximize efficiency and save on chemical costs,” explains Khare.

In addition to costs, the investor says it is also important to minimize the harmful effects on the environment. For this reason, Boundary Holding invested in Ranmarine’s Wasteshark product, which specializes in efficiently cleaning water around coral reefs, Khare hopes to promote the development of sustainable and economical methods to keep the oceans clean and protect coral reef ecosystems

Another exemplary investment is “Kido Dynamics” in Switzerland Based data analytics company is able to use its machine learning complaints platform to gain deep insights into people’s mobility behavior – from a specific place to an entire country. Among other things, the company has played an important role in helping governments fight the COVID-19 pandemic and can continue to do so in the future.

In the near future, startups will play an increasingly important role in solving the most pressing problems of our time. To be successful, however, they need funding, which only forward-thinking investors like
Rajat Khare can provide.

Founded by Rajat Khare, Boundary Holding is a European deep tech investment firm that invests in technologies enabling 4th industrial revolution. It has invested in Artificial Intelligence companies that integrate revolutionary technologies around IoT, Drones, Robotics , Big Data, health , environment and safety. Boundary Holding identifies unique technology companies which have just started commercialization and have a disruptive business and can grow quickly. It narrows down on firms that have converted unconventional ideas into a reality, and have the potential to grab upcoming market opportunities.

The focus is to invest in pre series A, series A and pre series B stages and enable companies via actual business understanding and connections to grow their revenues by expansion in different markets. We are not a pure financial fund but since we invest our own prop money, we work closely with founders being entrepreneurs ourselves to help expand business , onboard right team and investors( only if needed) and fighting competitors.

Rajat Khare is the founder of Boundary Holding, a Luxembourg based prop investment firm. Rajat has also been cited as a case study for his success as an Ed-Tech entrepreneur in the course of Entrepreneurship run by Professor Patrick Turner in INSEAD Business School. The hi tech training institutes chain started by him trained 128600+ students and had more than 110+ training centers spread nationally and internationally. He also invested and turned around a financially struggling data analytics business in Asia into a successful AI company before founding Boundary Holding.

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