7 Easy-to-make Printable Holiday Decorations

Holidays, especially Christmas and New Year, bring a merry vibe. You can make your surroundings more cheerful by decorating your house with some cool printed props.

There are numerous decorative elements to ornament a house when it comes to holiday decoration. If you are worried about your holiday spending, this article will help you with some budget-friendly and quick arrangements.

7 Printable Holiday Decoration Ideas

House decoration during the holiday season is a major part. So, what about trying something innovative? If you have the right application of print service for android, the task will be easier.

1. Paper Ornaments

Christmas can’t be celebrated without a Christmas tree which is the center of attraction. You should decorate it in a way that will impress all of your friends and guests. You can find a large variety of printable Christmas tree decorations available on the internet. There are so many shapes, such as stars, balls, lamps, candies, cupcakes, etc., with pretty colors.

You just need to connect the app to your printer and print out the designs of your choice. Cut the papers neatly and give the designs perfect shapes. You can then attach threads on their upper portion and hang them on your Christmas tree. Make sure you use glue and some glitter to add some shimmer.

2. Pretty Garlands

Add some greenery to your decoration. Print faux leaves as much as you want and create a garland to furnish your door and walls. Also, you can make some DIY paper leave chains for decoration.

If you have such applications that offer you print service for android, it would be easier to create these beautiful decorations.

3. Festive Banners

Banners are the most popular party decoration stuff. To add creativity, you can create banners with no particular shapes and styles. When you print the banner yourself, you can add any text or quotes, or wishes as the holiday decorations.

Starting from “Happy New Year” to “Merry Christmas” you can create banners with different fonts and styles. Also, you can print some short quotes or phrases related to the particular occasion and hang them on your wall, door, windows, etc.

Besides words, hang a collection of pictures, like houses, Christmas trees, bulbs, leaves, and more as your decorative banners. Also, you can print some gingerbread men and hang them as your decorative banner. With a mobile printing application searching and printing will be quicker.

4. Cake and Cookie Wrappers

The cake is a mandatory treat for any celebration, especially for Christmas. It offers a special feeling when you serve self-baked cakes to your family and friends. Flaunt your baking skill by adding fun toppers to your pastries, muffins, and cupcakes.

You can print cake wrappers with your name or holiday wishes. Also, you can offer your guests cookies with printed special messages. If you mention the flavors by adding tags or labels, it would be easier for them to pick their choice of taste.

5. Gift Box Wrappers

Young to elder, everybody loves Christmas prezzies. Gift boxes wrapped with colorful papers excite kids so much. The tradition of placing the gift boxes under the Christmas tree symbolizes Magi, the wise men offering their gifts to Jesus Christ.

In case you do not have fancy packing wrappers, making it yourself would be easier with a print service on android. Print pretty patterns on paper. Then, cut and give them different cute shapes, and paste them on your ordinary packing papers.

You can print pictures of fun emojis, teddy bears, cartoon characters, etc., for your kids. Place the gift boxes under your Christmas tree on Christmas Eve so that your kids can collect them as Father Christmas’ presents.

6. Greeting Cards

Wishing with a greeting card is a conventional and very special way to wish someone. There are many positive facts associated with DIY greeting cards.

First, you can customize the cards for each one with unique designs. You may not find a card that would be ideal for your loved one. But with the help of a printing app, you can create it yourself. Secondly, it is so cost-effective that will save you pennies in the long run.

7. Unique Photo Candies

We all know how much kids are attracted to candies. And what if they get Christmas candies with their photo printed on the wrappers? It sounds interesting, right?

Also, it will create enthusiasm among the children to find their photos while they pick the candies.

Advantages of Having a Printing App on Your Android Phone

For seasonal decorations, the material does not matter. What matters is how you have decorated and created a charming vibe. You can send any picture to your nearby printer through a print service on android.

You do not have to carry an extra device to transfer the data from your Android phone to a printer. Just connect the application to the printer and print cute, unique content for your holiday decoration easily anytime.

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