5 Essential Factors to Consider While Choosing a Contract Lab

When scientific procurements, such as research, test, and analysis are not possible in-house, you need an outsourcing platform to perform them. Hence, contract lab services in California are there to provide your needs.

When Do You Need a Contract Lab?

When your company has discovered a new supplement that may solve a particular issue, it needs to be tested in a trusted laboratory. Contract labs are basically third-party laboratories that perform scientific research and tests on one or more components for external clients.

Independent contract lab services in California can reveal the validation and certification that the ingredients are of the required quality. As FDA does not declare the methods of ingredient identification, manufacturers can use voluntary testing in contract laboratories.

There is no particular duration for the contracts. It can last from a week to more than a year, depending on the project.

How to Choose a Contract Lab?

Testing drugs and other medical tasks requires high responsibility and proficiency. A little error in the test result can lead to a catastrophic conclusion. Therefore, you must be very conscious while choosing a contract laboratory service. Here are some factors that you must check before hiring one.

  1. Expertise

As testing drugs or probiotic supplements is a vital procedure, testing professionals must be experts in this field. Find a laboratory that has a team of dutiful scientists and engineers. You can check their degrees and qualifications on the official website of the lab.

Before making a decision about choosing a contract lab service, you should check the previous testing experiences of that lab. The benefit of contacting an outsourcing lab is that it understands your industry requirements.

The lab must have experience testing samples relevant to your industry. They can assist you with networking with the industry more and make you understand the regulatory requirements for your business.

  1. Regulatory Approvals

Before selecting a contract laboratory service, make sure to check if the laboratory is working under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. The FDA and other regulatory bodies use the terms GLP and GMP, which adhere to scrupulous laboratory research and manufacturing guidelines.

To ensure the safety and efficacy of the approved drugs, pharmaceutical regulations are significant. The GLP GMP procedure ensures that every measurement and the final procedure contribute to the authenticity and accuracy of the research.

  1. Advanced Testing Instrument

For accurate results for your product, it is important to check if the lab includes advanced testing instruments. Without the upgraded tools a lab cannot meet your needs.

Testing equipment with modern technologies can provide you with quality results timely. A contract lab that invests in new testing instruments can keep up with the chaining market you require for your business.

Also, the equipment must be maintained to operate safely in the lab. The laboratory must monitor if the instruments function properly and track the time of their replacement.

  1. Service and Infrastructure

Besides having the right instruments, a contract lab must have sufficient members. contract lab services in California with a good management team are generally quick to respond to your queries.

It will be a wise decision to choose a contract lab that has multiple testing facilities. So, the professionals can easily help you with additional tests in the future. When there is more stuff and organized management, it gives you confidence about reliability.

Also, consider the following points about their service:

  • How they usually manage material or sample submissions.
  • What information they will provide you beforehand for delivery commitments.
  • How the laboratory service is going to deliver the test output.
  • If they will provide a fair turnaround time for remedy.
  1. Location

Distance is one of the major factors to consider when choosing an external laboratory service. The sample or the product, shipped for testing, can be expensive and time-sensitive. So, whether you are shipping one or more samples, try to choose a lab that is closer to your place.

Medical Kit Vs. Contract Laboratories

You may think what is the importance of contract laboratories when you can purchase testing kits. Well, kits are made for certain applications. These tools work under certain defined conditions. They may not match the condition you need to test.

The experts who conduct contract lab services in California can adapt your methods, and show experimental processes by discussing the project with you.

In Conclusion

While searching for a contract laboratory, you definitely want an independent one. A third-party contract laboratory independently examines the chemical composition of defined dietary ingredients and biological or functional activity of botanical and herbal extracts.

The validated and certified information about the ingredients can increase the market value of your product or supplement.

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