A diversified investment strategy by Rajat Khare is the way forward for venture capitalists

The growth prospects of many industries have increased as a result of new technological advances. It is now important to understand the thinking behind R&D behind the new applied sciences and their area of ​​application.

Rajat Khare’s Boundary Holding , an investment company based in Luxembourg, is a pioneer in the world with a unique investment strategy. Its main areas of investment are future technology companies and start-ups in Europe that aim to add value to companies and investors. This innovative approach has helped Boundary Holding build its reputation and help it advance in its technology assessments and research. This is quite a feat considering that venture capitalists usually decouple from the vision and focus on things that don’t matter in the medium to long term.

2022 has been an eventful year for the company. By investing in startups that span a wide spectrum of technologies, Boundary Holding and the companies’ respective CEOs show how well vision and financial goals align with the goal of fostering human well-being and progress. .

Aero41 , a company serving farmers with its proprietary drone pesticide spraying technology and software, has been exploring new markets with enthusiasm. The automation of agriculture is a new and unexplored field of activity, as it has to cope with an ever-increasing demand for food grains, at a time when fertility rates are falling in food producing regions in Europe.

Similarly, Remidio Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd , a medical equipment manufacturing company, received support from Boundary Holding to explore the European market. His research has been 100% successful in all the tests carried out by the experts on his ophthalmology products. Comparative research between portable and conventional computer-based retinal imaging/fundus camera devices has shown that the quality and reliability of these devices have increased. Remidio, one of the main players in this sector, has constantly worked to improve these technologies.

Trashcon received funding from Boundary Holding. It has been found that 90% of solid waste is dumped in the open or burned in low-income countries. In 2016 alone, the world produced an alarming 242 million tonnes of plastic, a volume of such waste that is equivalent to approximately 4.8 million Olympic swimming pools. The use of recycled materials would make it possible to offset the greenhouse gases produced by the production of new materials. With global temperatures rising and polar ice melting, any contribution to environmental protection should be applauded. This is the approach to follow to protect the environment and ensure a sustainable environment.

Vyntelligence leads the market with technology that uses AI to secure production sites. Rajat Khare, the founder of Boundary Holding, who recently invested in this technology, is convinced of the need for change in the sector. There are very few examples of organizations actively working in this area, and the sector is expected to experience strong growth in the coming years. The project was born from the idea that AI could effectively streamline the process of evaluating a construction site or a factory. The challenges facing the industry are unique and therefore require a disruptive approach. Vyntelligence offers an industry-specific approach.

The European deep tech investment firm invests in technologies designed to enable the fourth industrial revolution. One focus is investing in cleantech companies to pursue the 2030 Agenda of the SDGs.

Fighting climate change and achieving the SDGs by 2030 will only be possible if private companies invest in sustainability. The figures and development of Boundary Holding show that investments in cleantech companies can be very profitable. It’s all the more coming now set out to persuade other companies
to follow Boundary Holding’s lead.

Through these examples, the demonstration that investing without vision or hope for a better future is a losing strategy.

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