Awesome Ways to Make Money as Writers

Until then, writing was just a sidekick, and not many think of it as a full-time profession. But the generation today thinks of it differently. Thanks to the opportunities, writers can now follow their passion as their profession and start earning full-time.

Recent studies show that in the present time, writing is a trendy job pursued by almost 60% percent of the younger generation. Here’s why?

  • Finding a job is very easy. It is mainly because, in the current date, there is always demand for writers, especially because today, most businesses are stepping into the world of the internet, and they constantly need content for their websites and blogs.
  • Believe me, writing today is a well-paid book review writing help job. Of course, the salary mostly depends on the writer’s skill and the business niche, but overall, the payment is good enough.
  • No specific qualification is required to be a writer. Although for some, it is an inborn skill, many hon the skills over the course of time. You can read books and follow articles to learn how to write from scratch.
  • You can literally do a writer’s job from anywhere in this world. There are several freelancing remote working opportunities for writers. I think this is the greatest advantage of being a professional writer.
  • You will be glad to know that depending on which country you are working from, you can even enjoy tax advantages as a self-employed individual.

Now that you know the advantages of being a professional writer, here are 6 ways you can be one.

7 Ways of Being a Professional Writer

Here are a few options by which you can earn money for writing –

Writing Your Own Blog –

Let me warn you that this is a bit lengthy process. But then again, if you can give the right kind of effort, the fruits that you will yield will be sweeter than ever. If you think today you will start writing and tomorrow you can monetise the same, then you are WRONG! There must be constant efforts from your end. Because once your blog starts featuring enough articles, it will be easy for you to monetise the same. Once your blog receives the required readership, it will easily bring money to you.

Pro Tip: Choose a reputable blogging platform, pick a profitable niche, select a catchy domain name that people can easily memorise, and start creating content.

Registering with Freelance Platform –

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money as a writer. Register with a freelance portal, create a profile and earn clients. These portals allow you to build a portfolio and get feedback from your clients. The biggest advantage of working this way is the secure payment process. If you plan to freelance without registering on a portal, you might suffer a fate of delayed payments, fraud clients etc.

Pro Tip: Beware and read the terms and conditions to find out whether you must also pay something to the portal as an author.

Apply for Commercial Blogs –

Today, a handful of commercial blogs hire writers to write on their pages. More specifically, these are big platforms that publish blogs on a daily basis. Usually, these platforms have a huge community of readers; hence, you need not work on building the readership for your posts.

Pro Tip: Before you start working with any of these establishments, make sure to brush up on your creative skills because that is what you will need here for long-term sustainability.

Apply for article writing services –

Some establishments are responsible for providing content for their clients. Now, this might look similar to freelancing, but there is a thin line of difference. In the former case, you are not directly involved with the client and rather represented by an established organization. But there’s a catch. In this case, the payment is a little less compared to freelancing. But then, on the flip side, there are zero chances of not getting work because, as to Biology Homework Help psychology, customers trust organizations more than individuals.

Pro Tip: you need to be very quick with your work for the target, and the respective deadlines are very strict here.

Sponsored Posts –

One way to promote your own blog and monetise the same is to write sponsored posts for other brands. These posts may include various writings like articles, announcements, lists, videos, infographics, and more.

In return for this, the company usually gives money, gifts, rewards or free products and services. So you can say this is the kind of collaboration you do with well-established brands to attract more audiences.

Pro Tip: Initially, try to observe how other blog authors are doing the collaborations. It will give you an idea of how to make successful collaborations.

Become THE BEST SELLING Author  –

Did the child in you always dream of being an author? Then here is your chance. But this is way more achievable than running from door to door of different publishers. And unlike earlier, being a successful best-selling author is no more a distant dream.

All credit goes to Amazon and Kindle. They allow you to self-publish the books. If you are worried about the market, then you must know that the self-published book market is huge in the present, and it will grow more in the future.

Pro Tip: To be one of the best-selling self-published others, first stick to a genre and also learn the tricks of self-promoting your work.

Academic Content Writer –

Academic writing is another scope for you to earn money, implying your writing skills. Students around the globe are looking for services that will help them with their assignments and help them learn better. Using this as an opportunity, establishments are being set up to provide the needful assistance to students. These brands need writers. Apply for some of them. One big-time advantage, in this case, is that there are several work-from-home opportunities in this field.

Pro Tip: Try going for the subject you have pursued your higher degree in. only then can you make some good fortune.

Parting Thoughts –

So, as you already know, there is a bucket full of opportunities waiting for you to pursue your career as a writer. So, it is time you buckle up and give your best shot at it. But of course, before you take the first step, it may be better if you brush up a little bit and be the best version of the writer.

About the author –

Jacob Summer is a high school statistics teacher in one of the prestigious schools in Australia. He is associated with to provide guidance to students.

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