How Can You Improve The Fuel Efficiency Of A Vehicle?

The lack of routine auto maintenance could result in a car using up to 30% more fuel? We grasp the importance of routine auto maintenance, but we don’t perform fuel efficiency testing frequently enough.

The following suggestions will enable you to improve fuel efficiency with every drop of petrol you put into your tank, short of going “hyper-miler.”

1. Keep up the pressure

By reducing tyre pressure, you increase the area of contact between your tyres and the road, resulting in higher fuel economy.

Overinflated tyres can reduce fuel consumption, but will reduce grip and spread water on the road as a result of increased friction between the rubber and the ground. Ensure the tyres are inflated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Moreover, check them once a week, always in the morning, to improve fuel efficiency.

2. An operator without any flaws

Use the car’s controls as smoothly as possible. Respect the brake and accelerator pedals even if you’re driving more excitingly. Rapid acceleration and abrupt braking will reduce your car’s gas mileage.


If you make two short trips rather than one slightly longer trip, your car uses more fuel and you will spend more. Combining your trips will maximize your fuel efficiency.


Fuel efficiency is significantly impacted by how air splits while moving.

In contrast to what you might think, driving with the windows down and the air conditioner on will result in more savings in fuel. This is because partially open windows can reduce fuel efficiency and cause the tank to empty more quickly.



For fuel efficiency tests, make sure you put the car into the highest gear possible. If the engine isn’t pulling, shift down instead of pushing the throttle.

For optimum efficiency, shift at 2,000 rpm for an automatic, and 1,500 rpm for a diesel. You can further reduce fuel consumption by shortening transmission shifts on an automatic with the manual mode.

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