Easy solutions to get rid of the “QuickBooks search not working” Issue

Have you seen the search bar that comes as a magnifying glass in QuickBooks? You can look for company files, transactions, or anything in the search bar. But in case I’d you are searching, and QuickBooks is not showing any results, that means you have got the “QuickBooks search not working” error. You can restart your QuickBooks once and check if it is working well. You can also check the firewall settings. The error might come up due to that reason.

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Solutions to get away with the QuickBooks search not working error

Before moving on to solutions, the users must take their backups as it helps in saving data. You can also use the Auto data recovery tool to allow taking backups of your data automatically.

Backup the company file

  • Go to the file menu
  • Look for the option that says the backup company
  • Please select the location and save it there
  • Click on keep it now. The process will begin

Below are some solutions to get through the “QuickBooks desktop search not working error.”

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Solution 1: Change the QuickBooks search index file 

  • Close your QuickBooks
  • Go to the windows start button
  • Write .searchindex in the search programs and files search box
  • Press enter
  • Windows will take you to c:\users\username\public\documents\ intuit\ QuickBooks\Company  file\ companyfilename.QBWfolder
  • It will navigate you to the QuickBooks company folder
  • Look for the QBW.searchindex folder
  • Write .old at the end of the folder name
  • Open the QuickBooks company file again
  • Open QuickBooks, go to the search tab
  • Look for the option update search information and tap on it
  • Press ok as you see ‘update in progress’
  • Check if the ‘QuickBooks search not working error is fixed or not’

QuickBooks search button does not work? Do not worry; move to the second solution and check if it does not work for you.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks clean install tool 

  • Download QB tool hub
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Finish installing it
  • Open the tool hub
  • Go to installation problems
  • Click on the clean install tool and run it
  • As it completes
  • Press ok

You can also try reinstalling your QuickBooks in case none of the solutions work for you. Uninstall your QuickBooks and then install it again on your system.

Summing it up

Rectifying the “QuickBooks search not working” is not challenging. With the right solutions, you can remove this error from your screen. In case you get stuck somewhere or need any help. Dial us directly at 1-855-856-0042 for all your queries. Our QuickBooks experts have all the solutions to make your problems more manageable.

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