What Are the Most Effective Team-Building Activities You Can Apply in the Workplace?

A well-coordinated team is more effective, productive, and successful — not to mention better, healthier, and more enjoyable to work with! However, team building at work can be complex, particularly when classic team-building activities elicit more eye rolls than high-fives from teammates.

Office team-building activities are the way to go whether you were recruited to put together several team-building initiatives or you think your team needs to get together and do something fun. When your team is dispersed, there are even more options for online team-building activities. Adults can have a good time, too! These team building workshops in Singapore will help to coordinate with the employees and their team members.

Team Building Activities and Exercises Can Be Adapted in the Workplace.

1. Office Trivia

This activity helps improve the team members’ bonding and increases the knowledge about your office. You’re looking for an easy team-building exercise that works for far-flung cultures. Test your team’s ability by creating inquiries specific to your workplace. For example, “What shade are the tiles in the kitchen?” How many employees work in the IT division? How many windows do you think the office has in total? What manufacturer of computer monitors are they? What month of the year does our staff have the most birthdays? You can conduct this quick team-building exercise via Zoom or in a conference room to see how wise your team is.

2. Escape from the apocalypse.

This game enhances problem-solving and team-building between the participants. Assemble the group in a conference room or other void area, then “lock” the door. Choose one team member in advance to portray the zombie, complete with dead eyes, outstretched arms, and “braaaaiiinnnnsss” muttering. With one foot of room for movement, the volunteer zombie will be fastened to the rope in the room’s corner. Every five minutes after the team exercise begins, a foot is added to the length of the string holding back the ravenous zombie. The living team members will soon be in the zombie’s path, and they will have to work through a series of riddles or clues to locate the secret key that will open the door and let them flee before it’s too late.

3. Shrinking vessel game

Have your entire group (or several smaller teams) stand in the designated area on the floor that has been created. The space will then gradually contract, forcing the team to act quickly and cooperatively to keep everyone within the confines. This game will improve creative problem-solving ability.

4. Art workshop

Your group should be divided into pairs, and each team should sit back to back. One person is given a picture of a shape or other straightforward image, while the other is given paper and a pen. The individual holding the image verbally instructs their partner to draw the shape or image they have been given (without simply telling them what the shape or picture is). Each pair of partners should compare their drawings after a predetermined period to determine which team produced the most accurate representation. 

Assign each team member a canvas and a brush, then let them loose to create a vibrant work of art. Once they have dried, you can put them together to create a mural or place them all over your workspace.

Have teams design the coat of arms for your business. Draw a picture of something that symbolizes a recent accomplishment in the first blank. Draw something that represents your company’s values in the second blank. In the third blank, draw something that represents the direction you think the business will take in the future. Finally, display the completed coat of arms in your workplace. These art workshops in Singapore will help the members with communication skills and ice-breaking.

5. Community service

Participate in Adopt-a-Family programs over the holidays, organize a beach clean-up, or undertake a community rejuvenation project — find an activity that endears to your team or reflects your core value, gets out of the workplace, and does some good for your society and your team.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Make lists of enjoyable activities outside the office and divide everyone into groups. Make it the goal of each team to locate and capture each item on that list within a set amount of time. The team that completes every task on the list first wins!

7. Survival on an island.

Imagine that your team’s plane has collapsed on a remote island. Have your group rank the 12 items they think would be most helpful for their survival out of all the ones they can find around the office. Let each person choose first, then have the team discuss and decide. Building negotiation and communication skills are the primary goals of this game.


A great way to boost morale and team spirit in your organization is through team-building exercises. But for this to apply to your regular work, you must make sure your staff members have the resources they need to work together effectively. These team-building exercises and games encourage accountability, productivity, and personal development for all participants, regardless of location. In addition, teams can perform the best work of their lives from any site thanks to features like collaborative work areas, custom-field request forms, tailored workflows, real-time updates and approvals, and potent reporting tools.

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