What Type of Packaging Do You Think Fits Your Candles Best?

Candles are used to enlighten our lives. People use candles to decorate on various occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, parties, or weddings. Therefore, they are in demand now. Candles add a classy and romantic touch to the decorations. Furthermore, you might have seen artistic candles that give a feeling of relaxation to the eyes. People gift these candles to their loved ones. Thus, if creativity is the main motive behind your candle business, the packaging should also complement your passion. There is a general perception that if the packaging looks good, the inside product must be good. If your candles only look good but also smell good in the custom packaging boxes, it will create brand loyalty. Let’s read about some unique features of the best candle packaging:

1-     Packaging That Keeps Your Candles Safe

You can invest blood, sweat, and tears in making high-end candles. But, all the efforts can go in vain if the packaging does not have the power to secure your candles against damage. You would never like to see all your efforts wasting away. Shipping, handling, and storing candles can become a nightmare with cheap and delicate packaging boxes. therefore, choose a packaging that can keep your candles safe against every sort of damage. High temperatures can melt, soften or break the candles. Other than that, dust and moisture can contaminate the candles by disrupting their texture.  Whether you’re supplying your candles in glass jars, tins, or without any primary packaging – always look for high-quality secondary packaging. This will maintain the structure of soft candles and preserve their fragrance. Some features of high-quality candle boxes are:

  • Resistant to crushing- corrugated paper boxes
  • Protect against humidity, smudges, and heat- with gloss, matte, and UV spot insulation.
  • Safe for the environment i.e. recyclable cardboard or Kraft packaging
Candle Boxes

2-     Packaging That Adds Value to Your Candles

Custom packaging boxes provide business information. It must be clear and easy to understand if you want to make your candles more valuable. Besides packaging your candles, your motive is to make people buy your candles.  To do that, you have to convey a clear message about your business. Eye-catchy packaging boxes provide great benefits. But, information about businesses and products can sway customers’ decisions. They will put your candles in their basket or back on the counter. Thus, have a look at what kind of information is usually included in the packaging to enhance the value of your candles:

•                    Brand name and Logo

It is important to tell customers who made the candles and help them memorize them. Other than that, Custom Printed Candle Boxes containing a brand name, logo, and contact details make it easy for customers to find your candles in the crowded market.

•                    Candle Name

The unique name makes an impact on customers’ memories. So choose a fancy name for your candles. For example, you can choose fancy names such as bee calm looks very creative for beeswax candles. You can write any name on the custom-printed candle boxes to help your customers identify your candles.

•                    Type of Candle

You can sell soy candles, votive candles, pillar candles, or scented candles. Mention the type of candles you offer on the packaging boxes. some customers prefer natural candles while others may prefer fragrance. It will assist customers to identify the candles and make the right choice. Furthermore, the customers will tell the salesman what type of candle they want. The salesman will read the type written on the packaging and give it to the customers.

Candle Boxes

•                    Mention Ingredients

The ingredients of candles are important factors influencing customers’ decisions. For example, customers can be either looking for particular ingredients to choose from or prevent. This is because they can be fond of some substances or they can be allergic to them. That’s why it is crucial to mention ingredients to satisfy your valuable customers.

•                    Highlight the Benefits

List the benefits of your candles that set them apart from their rivals. If your candles have a relaxing aroma, mention it on the packaging. Moreover, mention it on the packaging if your candles can burn for 24 hours. People buy things that come with unique benefits.

3-     Packaging That Offers Multiple Designs

Chances are you may sell multiple types of candles. How customers differentiate between them is decided by the design of the packaging. For example, if you sell candles of various scents, it’s good to create a visual description for each fragrance. For that purpose, you need to print images, animations, patterns, and colors related to the type of candles. the customers will associate the visual elements with the scent of candles. Besides that, unique designs make your candles stand out and customers will want to try your candles. Candles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles. So the packaging should also be accordingly. Packaging boxes are available in multiple designs to fit every kind of candle. However, Attractive, luxurious, and distinctive packaging enhances the visibility of candles.

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•                    Window Cut-Outs

Cutouts of unique shapes and sizes make custom-printed candle boxes more appealing. The customers can get a sneak peek of the candle via transparent window panes. If they can see the candles, chances are much higher that they’ll make a purchase.

•                    Custom Inserts

Inserts are a good way to add additional protection and charm to your candles. They prevent candles from moving aside and it looks beautiful. One can use inserts uniquely to enhance the outlook of candles. The custom inserts beautifully hold candles upright.

•                    Various Add On

Custom packaging boxes define your brand and your products. They create a connection between customers and products. Therefore, design unique custom candle boxes to give your customers a memorable experience. You can choose from various add-on options like embossing, debossing, gold/silver foiling, and 2D/3D printing to customize your candle packaging.

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