Choosing Best Baby Blankets for Newborn Babies

It doesn’t matter where a baby is born, a cold country or a hot and humid country; baby blankets for Newborns will always be part of a newborn’s first life journey. When a baby is born, it takes some time to get used to the atmosphere outside the safety of the womb. A blanket and, of course, a hug from the parents are the closest thing to making them feel the warmth and comfort of being inside the womb. Therefore, having a perfect blanket for them is a crucial task. And if you are a parent living in a warmer country like UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Armenia, Qatar, Oman, Kazakhstan, etc., and wondering if you need a baby blanket, this article is for you. The article will help you understand the importance of a baby blanket and how to choose the best baby blanket! Keep reading! 

Importance of blankets for newborns 

Every time you see a picture of a newborn, you’ll see him curled up in a blanket with his calm angel face clinging to his blankets. Sometimes babies and their blankets are inseparable. Wherever the baby goes, parents should take their baby’s favourite blanket with them so that the baby can sleep peacefully. Here are some advantages that a baby blanket has: 

The Emotional Value: As mentioned earlier, babies from certain types of attachments to their blankets. The similar smell, comfort, familiarity, and security that a blanket gives a baby help calm them and put them to sleep if they get up. This is why a baby blanket is also popularly known as a security blanket or quilt. Many children are attached to their blankets, even as adults, because of the emotional comfort and value it has for them. Sleep better: A good quality blanket is gentle on your baby’s skin and helps them feel warm and comfortable. This consequently encourages better sleep. Therefore, good quality baby cotton blankets or other blankets made from natural fibres help babies sleep better

Temperature control: For at least the first year and a half, babies are unable to regulate their body temperature naturally. A blanket can help them regulate their body temperature. Organic cotton baby blankets, like SuperBottoms Baby Blankets, are best at doing this. Natural fabrics like cotton have a unique property that helps you feel more relaxed in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

Cute and adorable appearance: It is not always important to consider the product and its function. Arrival is sometimes as important as functionality. SuperBottoms blanket for baby come in cute and traditional prints that parents and babies will love. Things to consider when choosing a baby blanket 

As easy as it may seem, finding the best products for your baby can sometimes be nothing short of a nightmare. All parents want nothing but the best for their children. And when it comes to a product that your baby will probably use from day one and will love and use for a long time to come, you only need the best! 

Things To Keep In The Mind While Choosing A Baby Blanket 

  1. Size: A blanket that is too small will be uncomfortable for your baby and won’t be able to keep him warm. Your baby will outgrow even a small-sized blanket a little more. On the other hand, a blanket that is too large or ideal for an adult will not be safe to use for a newborn. They can get entangled in the blanket or suffocate under a heavy adult blanket. Younger children may not be able to remove the blanket from their faces if it irritates or suffocates them. Therefore, it is essential to buy a blanket of the perfect size that fits children from newborn to 8 years old, a blanket such as the SuperBottoms baby blanket. 
  1. Material: The rule of thumb is simple. Buy a blanket made from natural fabrics and materials such as cotton, wool, hemp, etc. and avoid synthetic and uncomfortable materials. 
  1. Avoid: Fancy blankets with tassels, ribbons, metal trim, bows, ruffles, etc. Not only can they be uncomfortable for the baby, but they can also present a choking hazard. So, avoid extra stuff on the blanket and go for ones that have just fabric or layers of fabric. 
  1. Prefer: Blankets that can be swaddled or wrapped around your baby are the best option for a newborn. This way, there is no choking hazard or discomfort for your baby. Once your baby starts rolling over, it’s recommended not to wear them, but until then, a swaddle wrap is your best bet. 

I hope these quick and easy tips help you get the best blanket for your baby! 

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