Real Estate Digital Transformation Importance.


Digital transformation is the major shift to using digital technology in all company areas. Digital transformation is dramatically changing many industries, including education and travel, entertainment, and numerous others. There will be 307.2 million Internet users across the USA in July 2022. That amounts to 91.8 percent percentage of users. There are 282.48 million users on mobile Internet users across the USA.

The real estate industry is not an exception, mainly due to the growing number of mobile phones or Internet users. It is among the oldest businesses around the globe. However, with a large percentage of users who rely on the Internet for information, research information, and shopping, it’s essential that all companies consider the impact of this shift. This article contains extensive information about digital change within the Real Estate Business.

Importance Of Real Estate Digital Transformation

Given that we are in the digital age and that more people are eager for convenience shopping and conducting studies, digital transformation has become essential for all companies, including real estate agents. It allows you to analyze and target prospective customers by providing more customized service. It’s the most efficient way to lower costs and get an edge.

Change In Customer Behavior And Expectations

Many people use their smartphones to research and shop on the Internet. Therefore, it is essential that an agency that deals in real estate have an online presence through the form of an attractive mobile app or website.

Consumers also desire an individual experience and excellent customer service. Develop an application that you own to use the growing number of users connected to the Internet and provide assistance.

Technology Shift

Technology advancements have profoundly impacted the real estate industry as consumers expect more from a typical property agent. In addition to the fact that they prefer to shop and look up information online, they like to find the perfect property online. Technology advancements such as AR/VR, AI, and IoT could make this feasible. Employing a professional development agency to create cutting-edge applications can be a boon for your company.

Moving ahead in the highly intense real estate market

With the Internet available via laptops, mobiles, and tablets, it’s not unusual for users to conduct research online. They usually spend three to five seconds on a website or application before deciding if they can use it. Companies must create appealing and feature-rich solutions to attract the user’s attention.

Acquaint Softtech has extensive experience helping businesses navigate processes of digital transformation. In reality, we’ve created 5000 unique and creative solutions for startups and established companies. To book an appointment with either Kashif or Ravi?

Digital Transformation Technologies In Real Estate

If a real estate firm wants to gain from digital change, it must build a robust and feature-rich website (with Laravel) or cross-platform mobile app (using Flutter or React Native). It is also crucial to incorporate other unique features using technology like AI, VR/AR and more.

Big Data / Data Analytics

Digital transformation is essential to combat the rapid growth in Internet use. It is crucial to study the data because businesses and consumers often generate large amounts of data online.

As per the research done by Statista, the worldwide data analyst market is anticipated to surpass $68 billion by 2025, and the real estate industry could benefit from this in various ways by incorporating this into its digital transformation strategy.

Virtual Property View And Online Walk-through

Virtual Reality is an emerging method of communication that is being widely utilized in a wide range of sectors. It is a massive hit in the travel, gaming and entertainment industries. It can also prove highly beneficial to the real estate market, in which users can make breakthroughs with their short-listed properties.

It’s the best method to speed up the process of purchasing the property and will also save time and money during it. This technology appeals to both the younger and the older generations.

In Reality, some users refuse to sign up for websites or apps that don’t offer this service. This feature could help you gain an edge.

Real-time Tracking

Implementing a solution such as this will also allow for better communication and monitoring of transactions in real time. It also assists in introducing additional features, including eSignatures and intelligent contracts.

Real property transactions create a tremendous amount of paperwork, and keeping or securing the records can be challenging. This is the ideal solution for your documents and for tracking electronic signatures.

Smart contracts are a great way to create the rules and agreements to govern a transaction. It is not susceptible to manipulation and is highly secure. It also eliminates the middleman and is economical. Furthermore, the development of a system such as this can allow it to be possible to track it.


The incorporation of Blockchain technology can help to facilitate the shift in consumer behaviour even more. Blockchain technology allows users to rely more on technology and removes the need for frequent face-to-face interactions.

Making the system based on this technology will assure users of swift and secure transactions that cannot be changed and is ideal for recording, ownership, certification, and much more.

Intelligent Chatbots

Every consumer rates the importance of customer support very highly. If you can create an application that includes AI tech in Chatbots, it is feasible to attain this.

Chatbots are AI-driven chats that guarantee that users receive the answers to their queries anytime during the week. They can have it available 24/7, and it will not cost much to put it in place.

A solution that makes utilization of Chatbots helpful FAQs and an operator-operated chat service could make a massive difference to your real estate company.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can be a great way to get investment from various potential investors. Real Estate crowdfunding can open doors to utilizing multiple platforms, including newsletters, social media, etc.

While crowdfunding isn’t an original concept, the rapid development of technology like Blockchain has enhanced the advantages of digital transformation.

Personalized Customer Experience

People love getting individual service. This is true for almost every area, mainly eCommerce. Those in the real estate market also love this.

Implementing a digital transformation strategy which involves the analysis of data and studying the behaviour of consumers is generally well-liked by users. It can be adapted to match customers’ preferences and help your company get ahead of the competition.

Space as a Service (SPaaS)

Most businesses start in the most unlikely locations, like garages or homes. However, eventually, they require office space to expand and grow their business. The purchase of office space can be costly, but one of the biggest concerns is ensuring enough room to expand.

Space as a Service (SPaaS) has the perfect solution for this issue. It allows businesses to locate an appropriate property that uses SPaaS and, thus, will enable companies to use just the amount of Space they need at a low cost, with the possibility of expanding according to the need.

It utilizes the co-working model to lower costs for businesses. It’s the perfect method to make your real estate company appealing to various customers.

Digital Transformation in Real Estate: Acquaint Softtech Case Study

Acquaint Softtech Private Limited is all about making the latest technologies and creative minds accessible to all businesses and ensuring it does burn your pockets. We have successfully helped several real estate companies, and a few of our projects are listed here. 

Great Colorado homes

We developed a simple website for Great Colorado Homes that is easy to navigate and allows visitors to spot what they are looking for. We created a feature-rich website using technologies like PHP & Laravel. Besides allowing users to browse and search for properties, we also incorporated several other features like a zip code map and a school district map. Our client was highly impressed with the website, which has helped his business.

Up Homes 

The developers at Acquaint Softtech spent a great deal of time on research and development to develop a visually stunning website using Laravel with optimal features. We made an extra effort to find the perfect home as easily as possible. Our client was happy with the response from potential buyers and thanked us for our endeavor. 

Raleigh Realty 

Our creative team of professionals developed a stunning website using Laravel to ensure visitors can buy or sell real estate properties with ease. We also include several tools and resources to make the process simpler for them. We implemented several advanced technologies, and our client was highly pleased with how it turned out. 

Consider Acquaint Softtech, Your Trusted Partner in Real Estate Development

Technology and property go hand in hand. There is a special term for this “Real Estate.” It works in your favor to hire the best technology firm to help you gain a competitive advantage. There is no better online solution-providing firm than Acquaint Softtech to design the digital transformation solution for your real estate firm and help you strengthen your foothold in the property market. 

We offer a wide range of services like:

  • Real Estate Website
  • Software and Website 
  • Mobile application
  • Real Estate CRM software 
  • Property rental management software
  • Property management software 
  • Real Estate IDX technology integration 
  • MLS software development services 
  • Hoa software development services 
  • SEO
  • Automation
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented reality tools for 3D tours and more.
  • Cloud integration
  • Custom solutions with UI/UX design
  • Testing
  • Support and maintenance. 

Let’s Create a Real Estate Platform for your Needs

Our developers are highly skilled and well-trained to incorporate advanced technologies in your solution, including VR, AR, AI, ML, cloud computing, etc. We have had the good fortune of working with various industries, including real estate. 

At Acquaint Softtech, we have expertise in a wide range of technologies and offer a wide range of services like mobile app and website development. Listed here are some of the services we offer:

  • Custom booking list
  • Product management & design
  • Custom booking listing property management 
  • Platform multiple listing services 
  • Mobile app for real estate agents 
  • Recommendations listings engine 
  • AR/VR Virtual tour of the property
  • Smart maps
  • Push notifications
  • Property cost calculator
  • Automation of important tasks
  • Chatbots 
  • Built-in CRM


There’s a significant change in consumer behaviour with an increase in the use of electronic devices for a broad variety of tasks. Companies that do not adjust to this trend will likely be unable to succeed, particularly due to technological advancements such as AR/VR and automation, cloud computing, and so on. Employ Acquiant Softtech for your Real Estate Development Company who is able to lead your real estate company in the path through the process of digital transformation

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