Why Choose Black and White Wall Murals Over Colored Ones

Is there a space in your home, office, or studio that you feel needs a brush of art and inspiration? You’re probably thinking that a good mural would work well on that blank wall inside your space.

The question is, what type of mural would be the best kind to have installed? Are black and white murals better than colorful ones? 

To help you answer that, we’ve gathered a few points in this post that you might want to consider when choosing to go the black and white route, or the colored route.

Murals Go Way Back Throughout Human History
By definition, a mural is simply a piece of art or image that’s drawn or painted over a wall. 

The main purpose of a mural long ago was as a means of recording events, happenings, and ideas. Cave paintings often depicted early man’s way of life long before writing and the alphabet were discovered.

These days, murals are often created for several reasons. Those reasons include:

● Adding a bit of color or beauty to a location

● Commemorating and memorializing people or events

● Convey a certain message (often either political or moral)

● Encourage dialogue and conversations within a community

Keep these points in mind when choosing what type of design you want for your mural, especially when you’re deciding whether to go with a black and white wall mural or a colored one.

But now let’s consider why you should choose a black and white mural over a colored one.

Black & White Is Tamer Than Colored Artworks
One thing a black and white wall mural can do for your space is create that sense of depth, texture, and inspiration, without competing with all the other elements in your interior design.

If your space is decorated with a lot of bright colored furniture, for example, having an equally bright and colorful mural might only end up clashing with your existing furniture.

This is why it’s good to have one or the other more muted. This means choosing whether it’s your furniture that will be in black and white, or your mural. Having a black and white mural gives the eyes a bit of respite from all the other colors and furnishings in a room.

And sometimes, all you need is that quiet piece of art to balance out all the active energy that comes from the rest of your furnishings.

More Depth and Texture
The interesting thing about black and white art is that it’s able to add a lot more texture and dimension to a space. Greater depth is achieved by black and white art because the eye is no longer distracted by the colors.

Colors can create and generate a certain mood. Colors catch the eye. Colors are also often used to convey emotions and seasons.

When faced with black and white, however, one is forced to look closer and deeper. They encourage further inspection and introspection, making them clearer, more captivating and mesmerizing.

If you’re not convinced, try and check out these black and white wall murals from PixlScapes. They have a wide selection of mural designs and templates both in black and white, and in color. As you go through them, you’ll notice just how different a mood and impression black and white makes over colored.

If you don’t find any designs to your liking, however, PixlScapes allows you to create and design your own mural that they will then install into your space. Have a look through their website to see for yourself just how powerful black and white wall murals can be.

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