What Are The Properties Of PVC?

PVC is widely utilised in construction, transportation, packaging, electrical/electronic, and healthcare applications. It could just be due to its longevity. PVC is a long-lasting building material that can be used in a variety of applications, whether stiff or flexible, or in a variety of colours or just black and white. PVC is widely utilised in many industries and provides a wide range of important products. The government’s heavy investments in infrastructure projects and a focus on expanding irrigational land are the primary drivers of growing PVC consumption.

By now we have inferred that Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC is an amorphous thermoplastic and rigid without a plasticizing agent. PVC is high in hardness and stiffness and excellent in chemical resistance. When at its natural color, PVC is transparent. Though PVC can be welded, glued, and thermoformed excellently well. One of the disadvantages is the low service temperature range of max. 60 C. PVC is used often in chemical equipment and in the electroplating and photo industries. Typical parts made of PVC-U are pump components, fittings, and valve bodies. In addition, PVC is used in blister films, calendered films, artificial leather upholstery, and pipes. PVC is manufactured by ethylene or carbide process. As India is one of the biggest markets for PVC Resin there are multiple industries that have been dealing in Port, export, and trading of PVC Resin & other polymers.

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