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Top Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations In India You Must Visit Once

The tradition of a honeymoon doesn’t refer to vacation but a special time when newlyweds can enjoy their newfound relationship. However, seeking Honeymoon Destinations In India gives you an unforgettable experience to spend quality time with your partner in this mystical land. India, known for

its various cultures, is one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations. So, if you are one of those newlyweds who are planning to visit some romantic honeymoon destinations for their honeymoon, this post will assist in every possible manner.

Have a look at Best Places To Honeymoon:

1) Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

In the Bay of Bengal, you can find a group of islands in the East coast of India. Those who are keen on

visiting the places with sparkling blue waters and enchanting beaches can choose this place as a honeymoon destination. Here, you will also be able to see several serene beaches along with secluded

romantic hideouts.

2) Srinagar:

The city of Srinagar can be the perfect destination for newlyweds because of several lakes and gardens. Here, the couples can explore numerous romantic locations such as Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Flower Gardens, and others. One of the most beautiful things you can do there is houseboat rides and enjoying

every moment of newfound relationships 

3) Kodaikanal:

One of the best tourist and honeymoon destinations, Kodaikanal is a hill town that has the most favorable climate. However, many people who love to visit in summer find this place a perfect place as it is at an elevation of 2,133 meters above sea level. The town is full of loving hideouts including Croakers Walk, and Silver Cascade Waterfall. In addition to this, the visitors can also explore Kodaikanal Lake and

several enchanting lookout points.

4) Darjeeling:

When it comes to enticingly romantic destinations, many newlyweds who plan to visit India choose Darjeeling for their honeymoon. Aside from the above, it also refers to the tea capital of India with a

UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to several honeymooning hotspots and scenic locations, the city of Darjeeling has been attracting couples. One of the best parts you can consider while choosing it as your

honeymoon destination is its facilities and affordability.

5) Dalhousie:

As a summer retreat for the British Government Officials before the independence of India, Dalhousie is one of the most visited places in Himachal Pradesh. The major portion of the economy of this city comes from tourism and contributes to its development. Dalhousie is full of alluring scenic views and mesmerizing locations with several luxury hotels. For the reason itself, this location can make your

honeymoon perfect and memorable.

6) Pondicherry:

Pondicherry is one of the union territories of India with a few French Colonies. It is full of serene

beachfront and romantic hideouts for those who are here for their honeymoon. Besides, the city also

houses waterfront promenades and has a large number of luxury resorts. Among millions of newlyweds,

Pondicherry has been a perfect romantic vacation due to its pleasant beauty.

7) Gokarna

Many people are not even aware of the beauty of this small town in Karnataka. Hence, those

honeymooners who are looking for a romantic destination can visit here to enjoy its pristine and

secluded beaches. With a scenic blend of beaches and hills, this small town also fascinates adventurous

activities. Gokarna in Karnataka arranges everything from the luxuriant resorts to fancy dining options to

make it a dreamy honeymoon destination.

8) Varkala:

As Kerala houses a wide variety of honeymoon destinations, Varkala is one of them. This is considered as

a hidden gem in Kerala as it is full of seasonal beaches with a romantic atmosphere. In the beaches of

Varkala, the couples can explore brown sand, picturesque landscape, and a tranquil whether. Here, the

honeymooners can enjoy several activities such as sightseeing, parasailing, sunbathing, surfing, and


9) Daman and Diu

A former Portuguese colony, Daman and Diu are one of the Union Territories of India with a famous

vacationing hotspot. Quaint coastlines, Churches, Monuments, and several colonial architectures are

making it a perfect destination for honeymoon couples.

10) Auli:

From the state of Uttarakhand, Auli welcomes tourists and honeymoon couples to let them spend their

quality time. Here, people can enjoy visiting romantic hideouts, luxury hotels, ropeways, lakes, and


Last few lines:

These places are perfect Honeymoon Place In India where the couples can have a better understanding

of India’s cultural diversity. So, if you are one of those who are looking forward to planning for their

honeymoon, this post will help you to choose a romantic destination. Hence, it is a recommendation to

go through the post thoroughly to find out the right source of information.

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