Nibav Lifts – Elevators Company in Malaysia is all About Outstanding Engineering

Since its founding in 2002, Nibav Vacuum Home Elevators has changed the Elevator industry with its small and elegant elevator solutions. They specialize in providing environmentally friendly home elevators that utilize one of the most abundant elements on earth: AIR.

The company entered the home elevator industry to have a significant impact on the elevator industry and has so far been successful in achieving the same. The Nibav elevator’s ground-breaking design offers elevators that are both affordable and luxurious.

Nibav vacuum home lifts add luxury to your home while also simply matching any design. This cutting-edge method is one of find because of its plug-and-play features that fit into any new or old home. The only home lifts that are intended to improve your home are pneumatic vacuum lifts because they are compact, affordable, and completely safe. Nibav vacuum house elevators are one of the technological advances that can not just help you move freely within your home but can also aid you with transporting groceries and furniture up and down the stairs.

As a CE-certified home elevator they are well supported by all necessary safety measures. Hence, customers have a comfortable lift that can help elders and children alike to freely move throughout the house. Nibav home elevators are passionate about using hassle-free elevators to increase the value and luxury of your property. Since they have been setting the standard for 20 years in India, and are enhancing the chances for a day when accessibility becomes a significant issue.

Nibav Lifts are spread throughout the world and have experience centers in all the major cities and rural areas in India. Their vacuum elevators run on single-phase power and need only 3.7kVA of power to move-up, and ZERO power to move down this makes them an eco-conscious elevator company.

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