Last Mile Delivery Management Software by Deliforce

There are numerous options available when looking for a delivery management software solution. For example, Deliforce is a SaaS-based last-mile delivery management software solution that allows you to track your last-mile deliveries in real time. This software is also simple to use and expandable.

Deliforce is a delivery management application

Deliforce is a delivery management software company that was founded in 2018. It is a logistics tracking system based on SaaS that allows administrators to assign tasks to field agents and track them in real time. It provides a complete overview of daily, monthly, and yearly tasks to various industries.

Its main features include real-time delivery agent tracking, automatic dispatch services, and simple task assignment. It accommodates three distinct roles: administrator, driver, and customer. You can assign tasks to each of them, receive real-time updates, and integrate with other business applications.

The software’s robust and flexible features enable you to track deliveries from a centralized location, reducing the need for individual trucks and storage spaces. You can also send real-time updates to drivers via email and text messages, improving customer service and lowering logistics costs. It also assists you in creating a clear map of your delivery route, identifying high volume pickups and deliveries, and reducing the time it takes to deliver your orders.

Last-mile delivery tracking that is precise

Last mile delivery tracking is critical for logistics companies. It assists them in improving service levels, controlling operations, and increasing productivity. It also allows them to better manage and report on their vehicle fleet. This software can assist them in tracking the exact location of all of their vehicles as well as providing valuable information on their performance, theft statistics, and more.

You can be confident that your customers will receive their orders on time if you use accurate last mile delivery tracking. The best way to accomplish this is to use delivery management software that keeps you informed of where your drivers are and when they arrive. This software allows you to view driver status in real time and take immediate action. It can also help you monitor their performance and gather valuable customer feedback. It can also keep track of the number of products delivered as well as the distance traveled in a day.

Simple to use

Deliforce is a last mile delivery management software that allows for automatic dispatch and real-time tracking of delivery agents. It is simple to use and allows for easy task assignment. The software includes three roles: administrator, driver, and customer. The Admin can assign tasks, receive task updates, and track the activity of all team members. The system also provides detailed business growth statistics and aids in task tracking.

The software includes a comprehensive dashboard that allows office staff and field agents to collaborate and communicate in real time. It also includes a map view that provides a comprehensive overview of all tasks.


Deliforce is a SaaS-based delivery management software that lets you optimize routes, track drivers, and receive real-time notifications. Its scalability and flexibility make it ideal for a wide range of transportation and logistics businesses. The company has dedicated teams that can assist you in selecting the best solution for your business. They also offer a comprehensive analytics solution to help you understand how your business is evolving.

Deliforce’s delivery management software is scalable, fast, and secure, thanks to its AWS serverless architecture. It assists you in managing your mobile device fleet and automating routine tasks such as driver tracking. It also allows you to create predefined delivery points and require proof of delivery via digital signatures. It also includes the Quintiq service, a comprehensive logistics planning tool that allows you to optimize delivery operations and manage key performance indicators (KPIs).


Deliforce is a last-mile logistics software that assists businesses in managing deliveries and tracking delivery agents in real time. Its SaaS-based platform facilitates supply-chain management system coordination and ensures customer satisfaction. Its last-mile delivery solution includes route customization, real-time updates, automated dispatch, and analytics management.

Businesses can use its last-mile delivery management software to streamline operations, increase service levels, and improve delivery accuracy and reliability. Its fleet management features enable businesses to track drivers, goods, and vehicles to make better delivery decisions. The technology also improves the fleet’s reliability and overall performance.

The type of deployment and end user distinguish the global delivery management software market. Software is an important component in increasing delivery efficiency. It has the potential to improve customer service, increase asset utilization, and reduce fuel costs.

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