How to Memorize Current Affairs for CLAT 2023?

Are you a CLAT aspirant? If you are a CLAT aspirant, probably you are at the right place. In this blog, we will let you know about the Current Affairs section for CLAT 2023 exam and how to memorize this particular section.

The current affairs section plays an essential role in any entrance examination or competitive exams across India. This can be made explicit because the current affairs section consists of at least 20-25% of the question paper. Talking about the CLAT Exam specifically, you may get around 35-39 questions from Current Affairs, including General Knowledge. 

As a result, if you want to get into a top law school, you must make friends with this section. The objective of this section General Knowledge section primarily evaluates your general knowledge competencies and familiarity with current affairs.

So, how do you remember so much current affairs for CLAT? Many of you might have this doubt running in your mind, and this doubt may be racing through your head for many of you. This blog will show you how to memorize current events in different ways with the top clat coaching in kolkata.

So, why late? Let’s go through some ideas and strategies for improving your GK and current affairs preparation.

Top six tricks to memorize current affairs for CLAT 2023

Here are the top six tricks to memorize current affairs for CLAT 2023. Edufoster Institute – being the best CLAT coaching in Kolkata provides you the best education with many additional services and facilities.

  1. Be selective
  2. Mnemonics
  3. Revision
  4. Practice writing
  5. Teach someone or discuss
  6. Analyze preparation level

Be selective

If you are a beginner to CLAT exam, be selective. Select the CLAT institute in Kolkata and start your preparation. Get expert guidance from the experts of the particular institute for understanding the topics in depth. Revision is also very much important for CLAT exam, so revise all the topics six months before the exam. Don’t start reading random books and everything. The study materials of best quality are provided by the CLAT Edufoster Institute.


Use mnemonics to remember information.  Example: Name of the Planets is generally remembered as “Mvery educated mother just served unoodles” In case if you are forgetting mnemonics remember with any known person name or abbreviations which are easy to remember. A proper practice gets you through this.


Revision is the key important factor for any government exams. Make sure to revise whatever you have studied the previous day. Make a habit of revising every day without fail. You can also write and practice to remember what you have learned. You may also test yourself with the mock test series of CLAT provided by the institute itself, or else you can watch video sessions on each and every topic and also the current affairs section. It will help you more.

Practice writing

Writing can be more practiced then typing. Nowadays everyone is addicted to mobile phones for noting down. Although this is not a good habit. It has vanished the habit of writing or making notes in a notebook. You will remember things when you are writing them.

Teach someone or discuss

Discussing or teaching someone is the best way to remember current affairs. When you are discussing with your friend you are confident about what you have studied and you can get inputs from your friend as well. You can even teach someone as you build confidence and remember whatever you have studied.

Analyze preparation level

You can attempt free quizzes on current affairs from the CLAT institute in Kolkata to test your preparation level. You can also solve previous year papers to know the difficulty level of questions.


Hope this blog is quite beneficial for you and you had understood it well. To memorize more the current affairs section, you may visit the Edufoster Institute known as the best coaching for clat. Wait for no more, visit today the website and enroll your name for CLAT preparation and crack your exam at the first attempt.

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