3 Modern Teaching Aids for Nursery Classrooms

Education is an integral part of our society. Everyone must get an education and teaching students is not an easy profession and even getting the knowledge is not as easy as it sounds. So, teaching aids are necessary today. It promotes students to learn and engages them in learning in various engaging ways.

Parents always want their children’s best so; they always try to choose the best school for their kids. In this modern world, so many inventions are made for youngsters and newer generations. Schools also have introduced so many modern teaching aids these days. A diploma in nursery teacher training will train you on the methodologies to impart knowledge to little children and will also acquaint you with the modern teaching aids which are being used in today’s modern-day classrooms.

Teaching is incomplete without teaching aids. Like other schools, Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah or SMIL, the best CBSE school in Howrah also has come up with 3 modern teaching aids for nursery classrooms. It will be discussed later on. The school is engaged in providing so many facilities like:-

  • Smart digitalized classrooms
  • Computer room
  • Experimental science lab
  • Ground plan
  • Library room

Not only these, but a special group of teachers is also available whose one and only motive is to provide the best knowledge and guidance to each and every student of theirs. Teaching aids help to facilitate the reading, writing, and speaking skills of the students. The correct teaching aids are user-friendly, and interactive and help remove boredom, anxiety, fear, or any other complex feeling that the student may develop while learning their subject.

In earlier days teaching aids like black/whiteboards, DVDs, and VCRs were extensively used in the classrooms, but with changing times, modern aids became very useful because it is making learning fun.  The use of interesting features such as graphics, audio, and visuals in modern training aids makes learning very impressive.

Here is a list of three modern teaching aids for nursery classrooms across the globe –

  1. Computers
  2. Smart boards
  3. Powerpoint presentations


Since the advent of the first computer in the year 1991, computers have come a long way and evolved vigorously. At present, having a computer is not a luxury but a necessity. There is an arrangement of a computer room in the English medium school in Howrah, where students can know more about computer, how it works, and all about the computer. The arrangement of computer teachers is also available in the school that is there to train their students. On the other side, if the computer is attached to an internet connection, then nothing better than that – the world is at your fingertips. Hence, along with the learners, teachers also immensely benefit from this teaching tool as they get to know more about new and innovative teaching methods, their effectiveness, new popular trends, etc.

Smart boards

Gone are the days when teachers used to write on black or green boards. Nursery classrooms are now adorned by interactive electronic whiteboards, commonly known as smart boards. The best cbse school in howrah is engaged in providing smart digitalized classrooms with electronic boards.

Powerpoint presentation

Though widely used in business organizations, presenting a particular lesson through the slides of power point will capture the children’s attention. It is also been taught in SMIL, English medium school in Howrah.


Apart from the mentioned above, there are certain other aids too. With the different types of teaching aids, the teacher makes teaching and learning interesting and attractive. It helps students in their mental development. So, why are you waiting, for school admission in howrah, contact its website.

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Sushma Gupta, a professional blog writer had written this article by enriching the utmost knowledge on the school. The school is quite famous because of its services and a bunch of reputed teachers.

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