What Learning Bharatanatyam Actually Taught In Terms Of Fitness

Bharatnatyam is a standout among all classical dance forms. Of course for obvious reasons. This article gives a better insight into those reasons. 

As we know, the mind and body are closely connected. So our physical status affects the mind  and vice versa. 

Every dance form is considered a good physical exercise. And as mentioned earlier,  Bharatnatyam is unique. The dance Gurus and choreographers at Natya Campus say why. 

Definitely Bharatanatyam benefits the body and mind in different ways. For instance, there  are several moves and mudras in this dance form which you have to recollect while  performing on stage. And there is a sequence to be followed. It needs presence of mind and  this sharpens our mind indeed. In addition, there may be contexts in which the dancer  forgets a particular mudra or move but he or she has to manage and improvise on the spot.  Naturally your memory and imagination are tested here. 

Natya Campus and Learning App provide the best classical dance platforms. And their  founders say Bharatanatyam adds to your physical fitness in a great way. For example, there  is an act in which your body is kept steady, meanwhile knees are turned sideways and hands  and limbs are moved keeping your balance. Constant practice helps you do this with ease,  still it takes concentration. No need to say this will make you physically more fit. 

There are numerous dance forms across the world. Their uniqueness depends on the social  and cultural backgrounds of the people. Folk, Beak Dance and Classical to name a few. As  we know the list is really long. 

In fact, every dance form helps you develop a healthy body in various ways. Because there is  no dance without continuous movements. Moreover, you are totally focused while you  dance. 

Bharatanatyam has some additional features compared to other dance forms. We already got  an idea of some of them. 

Here at Natya Campus, many of our learners of Bharatanatyam comment about the  improvements they enjoy in a few health challenges. 

Experts say, Bharatanatyam adds to the health of your eyes to a large extent. Because the  dancer rolls his or her eyes from side to side. This helps in maintaining your eye muscles  intact. 

As the best Classical Dance platform Natya Learning App has researched the above  mentioned possibilities. And we found that diverse poses in Bharatanatyam play an

important role in strengthening fragile parts of the body. Various mudras contribute to health as well. 

All dance forms demand continuous body movements. But Bharatanatyam is one step ahead  in maintaining body and mind. And this character deserves to be valued.  

Some other benefits of dance include improved respiratory system and flexible body.  Surprisingly it is apt for pregnant women!  

Undoubtedly this art form can be a solution for knee ailments, tennis elbow, muscle  degeneration and more. 

In a word, learning Bharatanatyam involves constant body movements which are a replica of  daily workouts or physical exercises.  

Happy dancing!

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