What are Percussive Therapy and a Massage Gun?

By the end of 2019, massage guns have entered the mainstream of the fitness and workout sector, but their use has spread quickly and widely. We knew we had to find out more about them when they first appeared in 2020 because everyone was talking about them.


Everyone from elite athletes, masseuses, to your dad utilises a massage pistol as a self-massage equipment that provides percussion massager after a long day at the office.

Vibration massage versus percussion massage

While there are many massage guns available, fewer than those that use vibration therapy use percussion therapy. Percussion is a type of massage therapy, according to a TimTams blog post on what makes the ideal healing tool. It produces blows with a greater amplitude that penetrate your muscle layers deeper.


Now, if you’re not an expert in physics like myself, you might be wondering why amplitude matters and what exactly it is.

The measurement of an oscillation’s or vibration’s change, as measured from the equilibrium position, is its amplitude.

The power massager pro works like a jigsaw, with a shaft that moves, unlike most massage guns that merely vibrate and have a relatively little amplitude. Due to the longer amplitude caused by this, the massage may reach deeper into the muscle and is therefore more effective.

Massage Gun Advantages

Although stretching, warm-ups, and recovery exercises are still important, employing a massage gun in addition to them will help you recover more quickly. Consider using the Tim Tam Power Massager Pro as a supplement to your recuperation routine or as an alternative to traditional painkillers to enhance your sporting performance.

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Your muscles become more flexible and efficient when you use the massage gun to improve performance, which increases power and performance.

Your range of motion will improve because to the power massager pro’s ability to loosen up tight muscles and reduce lactic acid buildup.

Injury Avoidance

By enhancing the flow of oxygen and growth hormones to the specific areas receiving therapy, massagers can speed up muscle recovery.

Utilizing a massage chair on a regular basis stops your body from producing lactic acid, which delays weariness.


extends the time it takes for recuperation by maintaining and enhancing blood flow to certain locations.

After a training session, athletes who utilised the Power Massager Pro had less lactic acid buildup, which reduced the number of microtears in their muscles. This ultimately led to quicker healing times and decreased discomfort.

It has been demonstrated that regular deep massages given after training can boost performance by 2-5%. – TimTam Benefits of Tech for Wellness

Tech Neck is a frequent condition that results from repeatedly straining your neck muscles while using technology devices for extended periods of time. Massage Guns will be a huge help if you encounter this pain because they separate the sore muscle grouping to facilitate recuperation.

why do you need the Tim Tam Power Massager Pro?

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After years of taking into account consumer comments, consulting with medical experts, and enhancing the design, the Tim Tam Power Massager Pro was created to boost your performance on the field. The Tim Tam Power Massager Pro, the result of all this study, is the greatest massager on the market.

The Tim Tam Power Massager Pro has an articulating massage arm that rotates a full 175 degrees and an adjustable head for total self-body use, unlike most massage guns that only spin their arms 45 degrees or not at all. You can now access any area of your body that need treatment.

Multiple Massage Tips – The Power Massager Pro includes three replaceable massage tips that range in size and shape.

Temperature Sensor – Only the Tim Tam Power Massager Pro on the market has a tip with built-in heating technology. A temperature indicator for the auto heating temperature attachment, which can heat up to 99 degrees, is included into the power massager pro.

Tim Tams’s Power Massager Pro now includes a new, whisper-quiet sound profile, which is an improvement over earlier iterations. When operating at its slowest pace, 10 DB

Five different massage modes, including three preset deep tissue settings.

The Power Massager Pro was built with antimicrobial surfaces that kill bacteria and limit their growth. Antimicrobial surfaces and plastics.

International Chargers: The Power Massager Pro is equipped with chargers that can be used anywhere in the world, allowing you to use it wherever you are competing or practising.

For Whom are Massage Guns Used?

Myofascial trigger point therapy can help everyone, but those with tight shoulders, bicep tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, lower back pain, shin splints, bursitis, and plantar fasciitis will experience the fastest pain alleviation and get the most benefit for their money. During the coronavirus lockdown, you may also be seeking for a massage therapist to replace your current one.

Do Massage Guns Pay Off?

In 5 minutes, a massage gun can produce the same results as a best massage gun professional. You will immediately see why these bad boys have been getting so much popularity if you compare the cost of your time and the cost of a massage professional to your massage gun.

So, consider it this way to determine whether a massage gun is worthwhile.

The average price of a massage is $75 per hour, claims There.com. You should expect to pay between $50 to $90 for a one-hour treatment if you hire a massage therapist.

According to the Harvard.edu article Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief,

According to a 2014 study that appeared in the Annals of Family Medicine, receiving two or three 60-minute therapeutic massage treatments per week for four weeks was more effective at relieving persistent neck discomfort than receiving none at all or receiving fewer or shorter massages.

Let’s use this as a ballpark figure and create a fundamental supposition for this post.

Consider that you want to reduce your neck pain and that you want to abide by Harvard’s statistics.

On the low end, 2 sessions over 4 weeks at $75 per hour’s average massage cost is $600.

On the high end, 3 Sessions x 4 Weeks x $75 Average Costs of a Massage (60 Min) equals $900.

If your pain reappears, you will likewise be required to pay the same price to go through the same pain as previously.

Now, The Power Massager Pro by TimTam.Tech has a price point of $399.99 (or you can pay it off in 4 instalments), which, based on our assumptions, is less than the least amount you could pay to have your pain relieved by visiting a massage.

If you frequently get massages, the Power Massager Pro will not only save you money but also make you more productive by saving you time! TimTam claims that “Just 5 Minutes with a Power Massage Pro is similar to spending 30 minutes with a foam roller or professional masseuse,” and after using the Power Massager, we can attest to its superior quality and expediency over conventional massage.

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