Most Top 5 Dragon Ball Figures You Can Buy Right Now

Dragon Ball fans may select from a profusion of beautiful figurines and sculptures, some of which appear even better than the manga/anime on which they are based. Dragon Ball is one of the most well-known manga and anime series in the world. The original Dragon Ball series debuted in 1986, and the franchise has evolved with each subsequent instalment. With new characters appearing in almost every new project, from Dragon Ball Super to the Broly and Super Hero movies, fans are eager to add new Dragon Ball memorabilia to their collections. In comparison to other anime titles, Dragon Ball figurines are inexpensive and simple to find. Older Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z fans will find just as many collectible gems as new Dragon Ball Super enthusiasts.

Tamashii Nations Android 21 S.H. Figuarts Bandai’s “Dragon Ball FighterZ” Action Figure Is A Must-Have For Game Fans

Most Dragon Ball fans are aware with Arc System Works’ popular game Dragon Ball FighterZ. Arc System created one of the most visually appealing DBZ games of all time, as well as an engaging, competitive online fighting game. The first chapter featured a new character, Android 21. Android 21 has yet to make an official debut in the main manga or anime series, but fans of the character may purchase her figure from Bandai’s famed S.H. Figuarts brand on Amazon for $89.99.

The Best-Looking POP Figure Is Funko POP Ultra Size Shenron (Metallic and Glow in the Dark).

Most Funko Pops figures are not as articulate or detailed as other, more expensive figurines, but the Funko POP Shenron is bigger, glow-in-the-dark, and metallic. Almost every piece of goods in the franchise has the trademark everlasting dragon. Shenron is one of the most detailed Funko POPs available, even including the seven flashing Dragon Balls. Despite being double the size of a standard Funko POP, Shenron will only cost $25.00 to pre-order on Crunchyroll Store. Shenron is an excellent addition to any POP collection or Dragon Ball display.

Banpresto’s Glitter And GLAMOURS Bulma Version B Is Ideal For Fans Of The Original Series.

Figurines from Dragon Ball Z are significantly more popular in North America than figures from the original Dragon Ball series. Fortunately, Banpresto produces a reasonably priced line of figurines including characters from the original Dragon Ball. Bulma in her original attire, clutching her distinctive Dragon Radar, is one of the most attractive figures. Bulma had numerous different appearances throughout the series, but her first design when she first encountered Goku is memorable. This figurine is available from Banpresto in a variety of pricing ranges. While most websites have sold out of this edition, enthusiasts may still get it for $53 on Amazon.

Bandai Spirits’ Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Gotenks Model Kit Is Exciting And Innovative.

Statues are fantastic for collections, but once they’re on a shelf, there’s not much fans can do with them. Bandai Spirits’ Figure-rise model kits are buildable models of fan-favorite characters that are astonishingly realistic thanks to the stickers that come with them. These kits are fully painted and require no glue or other equipment to assemble, making the figurines extremely simple to assemble. This Super Saiyan Gotenks figure is only $27.99 and includes with accessories for all of his hallmark attacks, including a few ghosts from his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack on Buu.

Banpresto’s Dragon Ball Super Movie Choukokubuyuuden Super Saiyan Broly Full Power Figure Is Ideal For Broly Fans.

Of course, practically every Dragon Ball fan should have a Broly figurine in their collection. Fortunately, Banpresto has produced multiple statues of the famous character following his recent appearance in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film. Broly was a famous villain in the Dragon Ball Z films, but the new Broly film formally incorporated the character into the Dragon Ball canon. Broly, in true Dragon Ball flair, now fights with the heroes. This figure is very realistic, displaying all of Broly’s battle wounds as well as the character’s abilities. Fans may purchase this figurine and variations on Amazon for approximately $42.

Golden Frieza from Dragon Ball Super (Back To The Film) Bandai’s Ichiban Figure Is Designed For Fans Who Prefer Villains.

Frieza’s surprise comeback in Dragon Ball Super was a treat. Frieza’s new golden form, originally seen in the film Resurrection F, is shown in the Ichiban figurine. The figure’s strongest feature is its brilliant gold paint, which sets it apart from any other figure in a DB collection. This detailed figurine is available for $35.99 on Crunchyroll Store, which is a wonderful deal since it is sold out at most other prominent sellers.

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