Is Kopi Luwak Coffee The Best Coffee In The World? 

There is nothing new about Kopi Luwak Coffee being the most expensive coffee in the world. But is it worth all the money you spent on it? What makes it one of the costliest beverages? The list of questions seems unending.

However, our intriguing behavior does not let us stay idle without getting to know it in detail. Here, we give you a tour of this subject. By the end of it, you are most likely to make a decision as to whether or not you should try it. 

Plus, we also tell you where you can get kopi luwak coffee for sale. Let’s get started. 

What Makes Kopi Luwak The Most Expensive Coffee In The world?

There are a few reasons that lead to its built-up cost. 

  • The Origin: For those who are unaware, coffee Kopi Luwak is the excreta of civet cats. Yes, civets have a thing for coffee cherries that they partially digest and defecate out. These are partially fermented within the intestines. Now, you know how difficult it would be to collect these beans. 
  • The Process: Subsequently, the process used to transform these into consumable coffee beans is complicated. For most of the other coffee beans, there is plenty of stock to be processed. For this, there has to be a significant collection of defecated matter to yield cost-effectiveness regarding bulk. 
  • Transportation: Mainly produced in Indonesian Islands and parts of the Philippines, kopi luwak has to be transported to different parts of the world. And it does contain the cost of transportation. Ultimately, it all gets added to the retail price and thus, served as a costly beverage. 
  • The Limitation Of Produce: It does not take an expert to tell you that this is not available in abundance. Since it is dependent on civets and then on the collection by people roaming in the wild, it is available in a limited portion. The production somewhere falls short when compared to the enormous demand for it. 

Is It Worth The Money You Spend On It?

When it comes to beverages and food, it all depends on the consumers’ tastes and preferences. People in The States might fall in love with this beverage. However, coffee lovers in East Asia might not spend a buck on this. Hence, you need to find this out. And the only way to do it is through: 

  • Usage: It does not take a dime to order this coffee once for the sake of taste. Coffee Kopi Luwak is now available online just like other coffees. You can sit at your home and order one pack online. 
  • Multiple Trials: You cannot determine the complete taste in one sip. Give it some more trials if possible. Compare it with the kind of coffee you have tasted. Also, see what impact it makes on your body. 

If your mood gets better and you have a sense of satisfaction after finishing the beverage, then KopiLuwak might be suitable for you. Pro Tip: See if it is suitable for your budget also.

Where Can You Buy Kopi Luwak For Sale?

Talking about trial and taste, you can buy kopi luwak coffee for sale at Cat’s Ass Coffee. We bring you the freshest of beans. With authenticity and purity, we make sure our clients yield full value for their money. Hop on to our website to place your order right away. 

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