How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 1712?

Whether you are installing QuickBooks for the first time or doing a routine update of your QuickBooks edition, you could get QuickBooks Error Code 1712 if your Windows has registry problems or any background processes are interfering with the installation. If you’ve already run into this issue, this article will take you through a full, step-by-step troubleshooting procedure. In order to avoid encountering this installation error in the future, you will also learn what additional factors the QuickBooks installer utilizes to display QuickBooks error code 1712 on the user’s screen.

This post contains further information on the causes, signs, and solutions for error code 1712. Note the specific issue that popped up on your QuickBooks screen during installation as well. The error code 1712 appears during the installation of QuickBooks Desktop on your server, primary, central, or host computer. The following error message is displayed:

We’re sorry! There was a problem with your installation.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Error 1712

Step 1: Create a New Windows User with Administrator Rights

Refer to our article How to Create or Add a User with Administrator Rights on Windows for detailed information on creating or adding a user with administrator rights.

Install the most current Windows updates as step two of troubleshooting.

For OS Windows 10

  • Type Settings by pressing Windows.
  • After selecting Settings, Update, and Security, then
  • Windows, choose Windows Update.
  • Click to check for updates.
  • Install Windows 10 updates.
  • When you click Restart Now, the updates will start to install after the computer restarts.

For Windows 8

  • Click Settings after positioning the mouse pointer on the right side of the desktop.
  • Change PC settings, then select Update and Recovery.
  • After selecting Windows Update, click Check Now.
  • Click View Details when you notice any updates.
  • From the list of updated files, choose KB 2919355, then click Install.
  • When the installation is complete, restart the computer and, if prompted, enter the Windows administrator password.


If the problem cannot be resolved using the aforementioned steps, our experts will be constantly available to help you. We offer QuickBooks error support services. Our experienced professionals are available around-the-clock to assist you in resolving issues and learning how to avoid them in the future.

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