5 Tips on How to Successfully Start a Mobile Bar

It looks like someone wants to start their own liquid-courage business. And guess what? Owning a mobile bar is the perfect option now. Mobile bar services are gaining traction across the globe owing to the flexibility and convenience they offer to people. Let’s try to understand more about the new buzzword “mobile bar.”

What is a Mobile Bar?

A mobile bar is what its name suggests—it’s mobile. Mobile bars are either trailers pulled behind a vehicle or trucks (similar to a food truck) that serve as bars on the go.

Be it corporate functions, sports gatherings, or a wedding, mobile bars present a convenient and cost-effective option that streamlines operations (read: catering to people) and is a great way to add character to an event.

In short, mobile bar services are great, but how do you get started with them?

Tips on How to Start a Mobile Bar

1) Plan About the Business

Before going on a shopping spree, make sure your business plan is ready. First, outline your goals, target audience, bespoke strategies, and how you plan to achieve them. Second, consider how you will operate logistically before you factor in the financial aspect. Investors or banks (if any) will require a business plan to identify your USP, or what makes your business different from your competitors, and what you can offer that your competitors can’t, to determine how viable the business is.

2) Design Your Brand

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing; it’s time to design your soon-to-be brand. Keeping your USPs, business plan, and target audience in mind, start creating your brand’s aesthetics and the tone of your voice, which will augment your overall presence in the industry.

3) Obtain Necessary Permits and Licences

Since you’ll be operating your mobile bar catering business, the last thing you’ll want is any state or local agency putting your business operations on hold due to the absence of necessary permits and licences. This may not only cost a fortune, but you may “actually” end up losing your business. So, to avoid this, get yourself a personal licence from an accredited board. Also, get general liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect your company’s financial well-being and be insured once you start hiring employees for your mobile bar.

4) Time to Get your Truck

Buying a new truck and making structural fixtures for it can burn a hole in your pocket and jeopardize the business’s finances. So, what’s the option? If you’re unsure about the options, reach out to your nearest pre-owned car dealer and get information about a used car that can stock your bar wisely and be a great fit for your mobile bartending services.

5) Build Your Network

The bar is now set (pun intended!). You’ve got a great ride with all the required facilities, have obtained all the tools and equipment, necessary permits and licences, and are stocked wisely, but is that it? Nopes. It would be best to have a robust marketing strategy to get your business noticed. Utilize traditional and digital marketing strategies to help your services reach a wider audience and ultimately improve the bottom line.


Here we are at the ending notes. Be it a traditional or mobile bar, it requires a lot of preparation and business planning to start a bar successfully in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. There are a few tips outlined above that one should consider when starting their mobile bartending services. Happy Hustling!!!

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