When to Book Snow Removal Services and from Whom

Maple Ridge’s winters are unpredictable. A heavy snowfall is not surprising on its arrival. The best course of action to save yourself from potential hazards is to plan the caution ahead of time. Your capacity to deal with a sudden snowfall improves if you book snow removal services. It’s recommended to book snow removal services before the summer ends.  The advice is provided in light of the following factors

Perks of booking snow removal services in summer

More snow removal services provider choices

Early bookings provide you access to a lot of snow removal service providers that would otherwise be occupied by the time winter hits. As you have ample time to explore your options, you can request quotations from many contractors, compare rates, and pick the most affordable one. Waiting until winter to contact service providers will allow you to clearly reduce your alternatives. In such a case, you may be required to pay more than normal for the snow removal services.

Availability of equipments

To clear the snow, a variety of equipment is needed. If you make an early booking, the contractor would have enough time to arrange the necessary tools and the labour force to run them. You never know if the required resources will be available on a short notice or not.

Better assessment of the property

To accurately determine what actions have to be taken and provide you with a pricing estimate, snow removal specialists have to visit over your property. Analyzing the property in the summer helps them to better comprehend the locations (such as stairs and parking blocks) and identify any possible safety issues, as opposed to the winter when everything is going to be hidden in snow.

Offer benefits

Due to the reduced demand for snow removal services in the summertime, the contractors have plenty of time to speak with you. You may get the finest deal out of these meetings by thoroughly discussing any offers and benefits they may have for you.

Tips to book the right snow removal services 

  1. Learn about the company’s level of experience, knowledge, and standing in the industry. To have a precise picture, read online reviews and client testimonials.
  2. The service supplier must have adequate experts on staff to assist you in an emergency. So it seems sense to inquire about the size of the team.
  3. Verify that the service provider has the necessary tools for managing ice and removing snow.
  4. Discussing the terms of service is important. Get every detail of what is covered in the services as well as the process they follow. 
  5. Ask for recommendations from your network. 


In British Columbia, unpredicted snowfalls are prevalent throughout the winter. Snowstorms can be fairly severe. Thus, booking snow removal services beforehand is vital. If you stand in line after the first snowfall, you can end up paying more, coping with busier contractors, and being forced to decide quickly due of blocked areas. I hope you won’t get late to book snow removal services and make a prudent decision after reading the article. Good luck.

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