Top 5 Reasons To Buy OnePlus Smart TVs In 2022

OnePlus is a company that has redefined personal technology repeatedly, which made them hugely popular not just in the Smartphone market, but they are acquiring a large fan following in the Smart TV segment as well. If you are still wondering what makes the OnePlus TVs such highly sought-after devices, you are in the right place. Here are the five important factors that made OnePlus Smart TVs hugely popular in India:

Stunning Display

A TV has many features, but the most significant factor is to choose display quality. Whether you intend to purchase a TV offline or online, it can be a deal breaker if the device does not offer a great viewing experience. But that is definitely not the case with OnePlus TV models. Some of them even feature a splendid 4K ultra HD display supported by a 93 per cent DCI-P3 wide colour gamut. This assures that the users get to enjoy unparalleled clarity, sharp details and rich colours with the 8.3 million pixel display. 

Most of the OnePlus bigger screen models also bring certifications like HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG combined with a cutting-edge Gamma Engine comprising more than 50 customised algorithms. Even if you buy TV online from the reputed house of OnePlus, you can look forward to a comprehensive list of features, including MEMC that offers smoother frame transition, AI picture quality and colour space mapping that ensures you get the ultimate cinematic results out of your OnePlus smart TV that you can purchase.

Premium Design

The brand quickly became famous for keeping the OnePlus TV prices budget-friendly while offering premium design and the latest features in most models. Their Smart TVs feature a superior bezel-less, sturdy yet sleek design that can blend seamlessly with any modern house’s interiors. Their stunning design not just makes it a sight for sore eyes. Still, thanks to the almost ‘non-existing’ bezels around the display panel, it provides more than a 95 per cent screen-to-body ratio, ensuring its device is all about that gorgeous display and nothing else.

Premium Quality Sound

Even though the brand puts so much effort into their devices’ design and display department, they have not ignored its audio quality as they are just as exceptional, if not more. And OnePlus has delivered that. With some of their models, they intend to take your audio journey from regular to mind-blowing, thanks to the collaboration with legendary Danish loudspeaker manufacturers. Dynaudio has co-tuned the OnePlus speakers on their selected TVs to deliver that theatre-like vibe you can relish from the comfort of your home. The Global Smart TV manufacturer also included Dolby Audio to take your listening experience to the next level.

Swift Software

What transforms a LED TV into an actual Smart TV is the software, and with the OnePlus line of products, you can stay assured of getting the most innovative TV experience that you can expect in this price range. The brand has had an outstanding track record when it comes to user interface and software, as we have been witnessing for the past several years in the smartphone market, which is why it is barely a wonder that their Smart TV OS is just as good. Most of the OnePlus TVs also come packed with a unique SpeakNow feature, Chromecast built-in, Google Assistant, Google Play and several useful Android apps.

Intelligent Features

Most OnePlus TVs come bundled with innovative features that can enhance your television experience. The brand offers the SpeakNow feature that lets you control your Smart TV with your voice which is as futuristic as possible. They also come with a Kid Mode so that you can keep an eye on the entertainment content your younger ones are consuming.

The OnePlus Connect App lets you connect your OnePlus mobile phones to your TV. The fantastic thing about the OnePlus Smart TVs is their Smart volume control feature that automatically adjusts volume when you receive a phone call and returns to your pre-set volume when you are done with the phone call.

All of these factors make the OnePlus TVs a superb buy around the year, but what makes the Smart TV a real deal is the OnePlus TV price tag, as they offer you the ultimate combination of specs, design and features without burning a hole in your pocket. If you also wish to buy TV online or offline but are delaying your purchase due to budget constraints, then again, we are here to help. Keep reading to find out more.

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