Things to do in Rajasthan in Monsoons

Many people don’t are a fan of a vacation during the monsoon season which makes it more of pleasure for us. However, if you’d like to discover this state Rajasthan in the evenings and enjoy being soaked by occasional showers, the monsoon can be a great opportunity to do some serious exploring With Taxi Service In Jodhpur.

In this period it is possible to spend some time to yourself within the forts or ruin sites of the state, perhaps you can read a book in one of the lakes or explore the area for a short hike or perhaps try bird watching? There’s plenty that Rajasthan has to offer. Rajasthan can offer during the monsoon time. It is believed that during the monsoon, all roads go to Kerala however, there are also roads that go to Rajasthan.

The beautiful roads appear so stunning that they could make any rainbow look like a sham. The monsoon season is when the clouds rush with excitement and the sudden bursting of clouds across the barren landscape of Rajasthan create a magical atmosphere. The countryside appears like a stunning oil painting. Even cities and urban areas look magical.If you’ve still not thought about an excursion to the monsoon in Rajasthan There are a few things you can do to certainly inspire you to travel to the state of Rajasthan.


Mount Abu, the only hill station located in Rajasthan, is blessed with a pleasant climate. However, during the monsoons it is a stunning area. The sight of the lush greenery that is soaked everywhere, with the backdrop of mountain ranges that are veiled, is something you won’t see during your normal routine.

This is a great occasion to take part in activities such as taking an afternoon stroll, or perhaps take a boat ride at Nakki Lake. The boat will be to center of the water. And even if there’s a sprinkle of rain at the time , you’ll get to enjoy a stunning view of the mountains in green surrounding you. You could also go for stroll along the shores of the lake to take in the stunning panorama of the surroundings.

There are plenty of reasons to go to the area in the monsoons. There is no other time which allows visitors to see the beauty of this scene.

In the monsoons only, the vegetation is at its peak and the weather is pleasant and cool. Walking and boating around the lake is just one of the most popular things to do in Rajasthan during July.


If it starts raining there is a place in Udaipur that is flooded by tourists. Many tourists visit Ambrai Ghat for the breathtaking panorama of Lake Pichola, after it begins to rain. The Ghat is often referred to as the ‘Sunset place’ and you’ll be able to believe it whenever you visit. It is imperative to cross the footbridge that connects the city that is Udaipur with this tiny island similar to a structure at the center of Lake Pichola. It is possible that you will never be the only one in the area, but it remains remarkably tranquil, and aside from the sun setting and the cool breeze of the monsoon will provide a magnificent greeting.

To experience a truly memorable trip, it is essential to go to the Ghats in the month of September. According to legend, the ability to read a novel in the Ghats is the ideal activity to do in Rajasthan during September. Relaxing in the shade while reading a book, and watching the drops of water plunge into the lake is an enchanting experience to behold.


Pushkar city, in addition to being a spiritual centre and a popular tourist destination, is also known for its scenic lakes and picturesque landscapes. Its location at Pushkar Lake is among the most enjoyable activities during Rajasthan during August. On the lake, visitors can listen to the soothing sound of a peacock during the monsoons. Additionally, it is the ideal time to have an afternoon picnic by the lake, eating Rajasthani food and the vibrant folk songs.

Additionally, spending your evenings in the evenings by Pushkar Lake is an experience you’ll never forget. It’s a sensation that is completely out of the ordinary. A fusion of cool breezes blowing over the lake in the monsoons and the tranquillity that surrounds is pure bliss.

This , when paired with the chants, hymns along with the sounds of the bells emanating from various temples along the lake and the sun’s disappearance from the horizon will leave you in awe. Furthermore you can also go on a boat trip across the lake to add more excitement to the overall experience.


Udaipur is considered to be a city of romance and it is possible to feel romance bursting forth when it rains on Udaipur as known as the “Venice in the east” as well as”the “City of Lakes.”

In Udaipur during the monsoons one of the most enjoyable activities to do is visit the Monsoon Palace that is also known by the name of Sajjangarh Fort. If you look upwards from any point within Lake Pichola you will see an archetypal castle in the hills – this is known as the monsoon palace. It is an amazing place and to get there Monsoon Palace you will have to climb up the hill. In the monsoons, the view of driving is breathtaking. The fog covers nearly all the road, and you can get into the thick fog and continue driving until you arrive at the point you want to go. It’s an experience that you’ll never have the chance to experience during another season , so this is an experience you must not miss.

When you reach your destination , you’ll be able to observe clouds circling around you since the fort was constructed to allow kings to visit and observe cloud formations during monsoons.


TEEJ A TEEJ is the third day following the full moon as well as the full moon. In the monsoon season of September These festivals are observed during the month of Shravan. Three Teej celebrations, arranged by the time of setting the moon, also known as

  • Haryali Teej
  • Kajari/Kajli Teej
  • Hartalika Teej

The Teej festival in Rajasthan is an important event. In Jaipur the event is celebrated with great celebration and pomp, and also with a sense of unity among the people. The ladies dress in fancy, traditional clothes, the sky is filled with kites of various colours and the scent of delicious Teej food lingers throughout the air.

Teej festival is an important one. Teej festival is mostly important for married women . It is also called the monsoon celebration by many. It is a celebration of the gods Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati to commemorate their sacred union. The experience is unforgettable and is certainly an important things that you should do when visiting Rajasthan during the monsoon period.


The Gagron fort in Jhalawar, Rajasthan is beauty at its finest. It is an absolute masterpiece of Rajput architecture and is a stunning illustration of a hill as well as a water fort. The reason to visit the fort during monsoon season is because the fort is situated over a hill.

It offers the 360-degree perspective of the city beneath you. It is true that the fort may be a destination to visit , but the reason that it’s something to do is because the view the fort affords is something you get only Taxi Service In Jaipur during this monsoon time.

In the monsoon’s midst, the skies are filled with fog and clouds. The breathtaking view will create memories that are difficult to erase. In addition to a museum inside the gates of the fort and the shrine to Sufi saint Mitthe Shah. The only thing you need to do is after a tour around the fort, go to the top of the hill and as you take in the views and the cool breeze of the monsoon will be your guide.


The temple is well-known for its stunning design as well as marble sculpture. It is among the most gorgeous Jain temples, not just in India but all over the world. If you are looking to immerse their souls in the spirituality of God The Dilwara Temples are where to be.

The stunning interiors will make you in awe. Dilwara temple was constructed between the 11th century and the 13th century. It was built in Nagara style of architecture. Additionally, within the temple are five smaller temples where you can pray to.

You should go to the temple during monsoon time so that even when it’s raining outside, you can sit in the temple, and be spiritually locked in. There are various aarti’s that occur within the temple, and many visitors are involved in these aarti’s in order to achieve the state of nirvana.


Imagine you are trekking through the most stunning Aravalli Range during monsoon season in the midst of lush and green. Aren’t you excited? In the monsoon season the best way to fill your schedule with is a trek through the Aravalli with your loved ones or your family. The endless breathtaking landscapes and the sounds of birds chirping, and drops of water striking the ground will fill your heart.

The mountains of Rajasthan in the monsoon season is more thrilling as the trails get more challenging and the stunning views appear even more green and vibrant. All you need to do is tighten your shoelaces and be ready to experience a bit of adventure.


Bird Lovers are here for you! signal.

If you’re an avid birder, then you’ll find that this National Park is where you must be during the monsoon season. It is classified as an World Heritage Site by UNESCO and hosts 375 different species beautiful birds. The park is attracting birds from areas like Tibet, China, Europe and Siberia which are housed in this stunning park.

The reason it is so popular during monsoons is due to the arrival of birds that migrate. Two of the most well-known species are Migratory Waterfowls and Siberian Cranes. However, you are able to visit the park to enjoy a bird-watching experience in the summer however, only during the monsoons when you are able to observe the birds that migrate.


Narlai A beautiful village hidden away within Jodhpur as well as Udaipur. It is a showcase of the rural part of Rajasthan and, during the monsoon, the area is a magnet for visitors. It is all due to the spectacular jeep safari.

It is possible to see stunning images of deer, leopards, and Chitals. Additionally you can hike through the region and increase your adventure. The monsoon season is recommended to enjoy the thrilling activities in Narlai.

So, your list of 10 activities to experience in Rajasthan during monsoon season comes close. With this list on your agenda you’re sure to enjoy the best fun of your life during your monsoon getaway to Rajasthan. Bon Voyage! : 

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