Review of Minecraft Live 2022: All-New Features

On October 15th, 2022, Minecraft Live streamed, introducing us some intriguing new content! Even while the live event didn’t quite go as planned, it did provide information about Minecraft 1.20 as well as updates for Legends and Dungeons.

On October 15, 2022, the live event was webcast from Stockholm, Sweden, in case you missed it. Mojang’s over two-hour announcement of new content had us really enthusiastic for what the coming year would bring. Its engaging gameplay even persuaded us to play Minecraft Dungeons again.

However, there have been some complaints about the live event. First, the speakers stressed how attentively Mojang is to its community. However, a lot of gamers disagree, and it’s a contentious issue ever since they installed a chat reporting system.

Second, Minecraft 1.20 was sort of announced. The lack of a theme, title, or full explanation proved disappointing for those hoping for news about Minecraft 1.20. However, Agnes Larsson, the game director for Minecraft, didn’t completely obliterate our knowledge.

The whole breakdown of Minecraft Live 2022 and all it taught us can be seen here.

With Minecraft Legends, Minecraft Live got started. The fresh game, scheduled for release in the spring of 2023, impressed us with its entertaining content, gameplay, and cinematic views. Magnus Nedfors, the creative director, and Kevin Grace, the narrative director, were presented to us on stage. They gave us a tour of Minecraft Legends and revealed brand-new characters and what to look forward to in the game.

Initial Cinematic

Let’s take a peek at Minecraft Legends’ introductory cinematic first. The video opens with the well-known Zombie x Villager sequence, which shifts to a surprising location. Before we know it, a Piglin falls out of a Nether portal that emerges in the sky.

Through the portal, we observe a vast Piglin army getting ready for combat and planning their invasion of the Overworld. The Minecraft Legends cinematic detailed the overarching plot and what to anticipate throughout the adventure.

Exploring the Legends of Minecraft

Additionally, Jens’ exploration of the brand-new ethereal realm gave us the chance to have a closer look at Minecraft Legends. The Foresight, Action, and Knowledge entities were introduced in this funny and engaging film. Additionally, we got a better idea of the gameplay and saw some brand-new enemies that we can anticipate seeing in the game.

Before we continue, may we just mention that the Blaze Rod Swords the Piglins employ are something we wish existed in the original version of Minecraft. Who wouldn’t want to be able to attack enemies with a burning sword?

Gameplay Initial View

Our initial thoughts? Really looking forward to playing this game!

As the team demonstrated the fundamentals of the game, gameplay began. The goal is to explore the area, gather resources, and generate friends to aid you in defeating the Piglins while riding on one of the several monsters that are available.

They said that every world is created at random, exactly as in the original version of Minecraft. Each player begins at the Well of Fate with a Banner of Courage, which they can use to gather any friends to their cause. Additionally, while you ride about, your Allay buddies gather resources and construct constructions for you. Finally, utilising the Flame of Creation, players may create spawners within the game. Allies like Creepers, Golems, and other creatures are spawned using these spawners.

It’s time to battle the Piglins and stop the corruption from spreading over the Overworld after your crew has come together. The Overworld may be reclaimed if you use strategy and the appropriate friends, which will help you demolish Piglin bases!

Check out this Minecraft Live 2022 gameplay video!

Since its release on May 26th, 2020, Minecraft Dungeons has gotten an overall rating of 7/10. During the live event, Mojang introduced new Season 3 content as well as a multiplayer feature for Minecraft Dungeons Tower. Season 3 is called Fauna Faire and lets you amass animals that will aid you on your travels. The Enchantsmith, a new character who you may now bring back to your base and trade with, was also unveiled.

First Look at Season 3

Players may have seen the Fauna Faire subtitle on their Minecraft Launchers for Season 3 of Minecraft Dungeons. The autumnal journey is scheduled to begin on October 19, 2022. It centres on brand-new creatures that players may acquire and keep as pets.

Last but not least, the Jungle Biome hosts a brand-new assignment called “Tree Top Tango.” Players navigate a large tree’s branches as they rush through a temple. All Minecraft Dungeon players will be able to access the task at no charge.


A new vendor titled the Enchantsmith has been introduced by Minecraft Dungeons as a new method for replacing weapon enchantments. They’ll enter your camp, allowing you to purge and alter the enchantments on your weapons that are currently on them.

You can go to the Enchantsmith’s booth and choose a piece of gear to be enchanted once they have set up shop in your camp. The enchantsmith will then re-roll your enchantment for a little amount of gold.

Update 1.20 for Minecraft announced

This year’s announcement of the upcoming Minecraft update was a touch unique. Mojang made the decision to collaborate closely with the community to create the next update after the previous release was divided into two parts. Mojang has chosen the theme, but neither they have given it a name nor disclosed all of the new features.

For those that tuned in to Minecraft Live 2022 just in anticipation of the next update, this could have been a little disappointing. Visit our post for a detailed analysis of Minecraft 1.20 to learn all we know, anticipated release dates, and more!

Having said that, let’s look at what they did reveal and a few things we may anticipate seeing in snapshots very soon:

Blocks of bamboo

A new collection of wood blocks is among the first things we can anticipate seeing in Minecraft 1.20. This set is constructed of bamboo and features a variety of textures. The first woodblock of its sort, a bamboo mosaic block, has also been included. Finally, gamers may now construct gorgeous river rafts from bamboo, perfect for carrying pandas!

Affixed Signs

Players can formally design signs that hang from other blocks using hanging signs. They may be made from any kind of wood, giving you the freedom to experiment with colour and make lively banners. However, because they need chains, they cost a little more to make than normal signs. They also come in three different versions, which you can see below.


One of the new enemies we anticipate in the upcoming release are camels. They accommodate two riders, letting one to steer the camel and the other to roam free. This is very useful for fending off large groups of people. Another characteristic is that while the player is riding a camel, hordes of zombies and husks cannot assault them.

Sculpted Bookcases

Chiseled bookshelves is a different new block that has been introduced. Players may construct functional libraries out of these blocks and store enchanted books inside as well. They also include a further Redstone feature that lets players build secret passageways beneath bookshelves. We’re interested to see where Mojang takes this block and whether they’ll introduce other wood species.

2022 Minecraft Live Mob Voting

The winner of the mob vote for this year was also announced at the end of Minecraft Live 2022. If you’re unclear what it is, Mojang proposes three new mobs each year and allows the community to vote on which mob will be added to the game.

There were three candidates this year:

The Snooper
The Rapper
Brutal Golem

Every mob has special qualities and advantages that it would bring to the game. For instance, the Rascal rewards you with riches if you notice it three times while the Sniffer might uncover uncommon and expensive seeds.

Unfortunately, the first mob to lose was the Tuff Golem (17.2% of the votes). The Tuff Golem’s mobs functioned as statues that occasionally came to life, allowing users to build moving art galleries.

The Sniffer won

Unsurprisingly, the Sniffer received 55.1% of the more than 3.5 million votes this year, winning the mob vote. The mafia had a fascinating past and was quite well-liked in the neighbourhood.

The Sniffer is said to be an extinct ancient mob that formerly prowled the Overworld. However, by locating the species’ egg, the player can revive it.

Players will be able to locate seeds that were once believed to be gone forever with the help of the Sniffer. In addition to the Sniffer, new plants should be visible to Minecraft players.

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