A Complete Fishing Guide for Beginners- Learn from the Experts

British Columbia’s fishing resorts are known for the wilderness, thrilling adventure activities, and guided fishing tours. Fishing has been a good pastime for many who enjoy getting close to nature. Fishing resorts BC offers ample opportunities for beginners to learn a new life skill , while they enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay in a lodge right on the ocean.

Catching a fish still gives goosebumps to many; however, others regret not learning fishing basics from their parents and grandparents. However, you don’t need to be an expert at angling; learn some fishing basics, prepare your gear, try your hands at fishing when you explore BC fishing tours, and you will cherish this experience for lifetime.

Find a good fishing spot : 

First things first. As a beginner in this sport, you must search for a suitable public area for fishing. Lakes in BC have a wide variety of hungry fishes, including salmon, trout, bass, or panfish. It would be best if you could find a dock or pier where you can hang out with your family after a satisfying fishing session. Search for locations with restrooms and other amenities for an enjoyable experience. Fishing resorts BC can be an ideal destination for first-time anglers.

Keep your gears handy:

Reels and rods are essential tools to start your first-ever fishing lesson. They are sold together and are relatively easy to set up. Go for a basic fishing rod that is easy to use as a beginner. Choose a closed-face reel, as open-faced reels have a more extended cast range and are typically used by experts.


Beginners must conduct acceptable behavior in public places. Not all anglers appreciate your acts when you move close to their boats. Provide other anglers with fifty to sixty feet of water space. Do not attempt to attract too many fishes at one place. Keep the location nice and tidy, collect leftover lures, and do not leave traces of your activity in the water.

All about baits and lures:

Various bait options are available in the market, and picking the one that attracts the fish can be tricky for first-timers. Ask a local bait shop owner to help pick bait for your fishing requirements. Live worms are best for river and pond fishes, and shrimps can be great for warm salt water. Scented artificial baits can also help you with those difficult catches.

Lures, on the other hand, can make your job much more manageable with their shiny surface. Besides this, you will also need bobbers- small floating balls to be attached near the hook, a rubber net, a pair of pliers, and a tackle box for storage. Remember that you don’t need to invest in all fancy and expensive tools for your first fishing experience. Learn the basics, and you can still be a good fisherman. 

Always pack extra hooks, extra lures, and a pair of gloves to enhance your experience.


Your fishing experience is incomplete without rigging. A well-tied fishing knot never breaks when you set the hook. Learning to build a rigs is an essential part of fishing and can be used for multiple species. Fishing rigs are nothing but a combination of hooks, sinkers, snaps and swivel at the end of your fishing line.

 Ensure safety:

Fishing is more fun when done with precautions. One must not forget their safety and always act carefully while fishing. After all, as they say, Fishing is not just a sport; it’s a way of life.

Now that you’ve gained enough knowledge on fishing skills, are you reading to catch your first fish and share your experience with your friends? Well, we are sure that you are more than excited to try out this new skill and immediately search for Fishing trips in BC to find the best location for your fishing adventure.

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