6 Common Mistakes To Avoid Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Renting a self-storage unit is a great choice when you are moving house, planning to declutter, storing equipment and collectables, or need more space to grow your business. However, some common mistakes are enough to give you a tough time when renting a self-storage unit and organising items. We have listed some of the most common errors people make when renting a self-storage unit. This guide will be helpful for all the newbies who are in search of a good space for their items.

Wrong size unit: 

Bigger is better, which is true if you have too much to store in self-storage units. While small self-storage units are attractive in price, they do not guarantee enough space to fit all the extensive equipment and heavy boxes. Have a realistic idea of how much stuff you have, how much money you can spend, etc. Spending hefty rentals on extra space isn’t a great idea, and neither is damaging your goods for the sake of little space. Get advice from a self-storage unit provider and pick the perfect unit size for a hassle-free experience.   

Lack of organisation skills: 

Poor stacking and blocked objects lead to frustration when you need them urgent and can be safety hazards in your way. A little attention while arranging items can eliminate the headache and leave you with more space in the storage. Carefully range those ” little “ things, such as moving large boxes and heavy mattresses on the backside and placing light and fragile items on top of the heavy items. Putting things in groups or labelling them can save you extra time and effort when you plan to retrieve them.

Missing out on essential features:

Once you’ve decided to rent a self-storage unit, check whether they’ve all the amenities you are looking for. From auto-pay options, late night access to vehicle storage facilities, make sure you get what you need the most. Some items need more care than others. While some stuff needs heated storage, others require it to be stored at cool temperatures. Ensuring your self-storage unit has a climate control system can protect your items from extreme weather conditions.

Not doing enough research about the storage company: 

Customers often tend to pick the cheapest option available and get disappointed with the service offered by the provider later. Make sure you rent from a recognised and experienced storage facility provider who supports you until the last day of the agreement. Check reviews on the internet and ask questions until you get a satisfactory response from them.

Refrain from getting an insurance plan:

Remember that your storage facility owner is not responsible for any damage to your items when they are stored. Skimping on insurance for the sake of some savings can put your valuables at risk. Check your home insurance policies to ensure that it covers items in the self-storage units. Ensure that your insurance policy offers full coverage for your items and you are happy with the provisions. Although it can significantly increase your premium, it is all worth it.

The Bottom Line:

 Avoid these common mistakes when renting a secure self-storage for your essentials and create more space in your home with a clutter-free area. Investing in a right self storage units is a great option to enjoy a modern day lifestyle . Follow the tips mentioned above to maintain clean and safe self-storage, and all you have is a new, spacious, minimalistic home for your valuables.

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