The 8 Best Pizza Ordering Tips

Getting your favorite food served to your door is now simpler than ever and pizza is a highly favored choice for dealing with instant hunger pangs. Though it’s easy and quick to order pizza online,  it does contribute some challenges. Make your order pizza decision a success by adhering to the tips listed below.

Pick the pizza type you like

When reading restaurant menus, the extensive variety of pizza variations may thrill you and tempt you to order pizza of a new type. However, trying new pizza varieties can not always be pleasing and might leave you feeling let down by their taste. Therefore, it is advised to order pizza you have already tried and loved to save your money, time, and mood from getting spoiled.

Decide on the size of the pizza

Pizza comes in a variety of sizes, specifically small, medium, and large. Choosing the size depends on how many individuals will be eating. Next, consider the age you’re serving. For example, ordering a smaller size would be great if children are the eaters because they eat less food than adults.

Consider dietary requirements

Prefer a pizza that fits with your diet plan. You can request a gluten-free or cheese-free pizza if you’re trying to shed weight. If you’re vegetarian, be sure to order pizza that is vegetarian.

Have the pizza sliced into pieces

People typically count the number of pieces they eat of pizza to control their intake. A pizza that has been cut into slices is also more comfortable to hold while eating and is likely to make less mess than an unsliced pizza. Therefore, it’s usually a sound idea to slice the pizza apart before getting it.

Order well in advance

Booking the order ahead of time is excellent if you’re planning a party or so and need over a few pizzas. Before heading to place the order, you should also prepare yourself for any questions the restaurant may be asking and have your answers ready. While completing the order, don’t forget to confirm the pricing.

Make a double-cut request

A slice is more manageable after being double-sliced. It is especially useful when buying pizza for kids, but may also be worthwhile for grownups in some situations, such as when there isn’t adequate seating and people are required to eat standing up.

Order from a nearby restaurant

Due to the distance and traffic, ordering from a restaurant that is located far away often results in delays. Order pizza from a nearby restaurant to ensure that it will arrive on time and be fresh.

Decide between delivery and pickup

Both options have their own pros and cons so you can choose between them as per your preference and circumstances. Where pickup will allow you to save the delivery charge and usual tip, home delivery will help you save time and transportation cost.


Pizza is suitable for every scenario, be it a weekend party, a family gathering, or a casual birthday celebration. The delicious, saucy, and filling supper is sufficient to please diners provided it is ordered from the right place and in the right way. I hope the above tips will help you have a delightful experience while planning to order pizza chilliwack.

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