How We Selected The Best Muscle Massage Guns On Amazon

When choosing the Muscle massagers, we turned to testing, professional recommendations, and unbiased reviews. Many Forbes Vetted staff members use Theragun massagers, which is why it frequently appears on this list. We also tested some of the types that were on display at nearby sports goods stores. Then, we compared our individual experiences with those of several massage therapists and fitness experts, many of whom were able to share with us which techniques they prefer to utilise on both themselves and their clients (and why). And to make sure this list includes the best of the best, we did a thorough analysis of what is currently available, looking at product specifications, designs, features, and other characteristics that make them stand out from the competition.

What to Think About Before Purchasing a Massage Gun

Purchasing a massage gun is a huge deal because they often have a high price tag. We recognise that you’ll want the one who shows up at your door to be a keeper from day one, even though the majority are returnable if they don’t match your demands. Consider the following factors while selecting the one that is best for you.

Employ Frequency

While you can use your massager without risk on a daily basis, not all models are built to last for lengthy periods of time. Here, the price of the massage pistol will matter because a more expensive brand is likely to have a longer warranty and, consequently, a promise that it will work repeatedly. But if you’re just going to use a massager once, twice, or even less frequently than that, something more reasonably priced makes perfect sense.

groups of muscles

Some massagers feature interchangeable heads that can be used depending on the muscle group and part of the body you’re focusing on, as was mentioned multiple times on our list. A larger massage head will work if you plan to use this device only on your back or thighs. A model with replaceable heads, on the other hand, will better meet your demands if you want to alternate between working your biceps, calves, and the arch of your foot.


It might come to mind first to bring your massage pistol on excursions for leisure or for work. If this is the case, think about buying a model that includes a carrying case, is lightweight, or has a minimal number of moving parts, as these features will make it simpler to travel from one place to another. You may even transport your massager from one place to another because some models have TSA approval.

Are Massage Guns Beneficial to Health?

According to Cathy Spencer-Browning, vice president of programming and training at MOSSA, a group fitness provider, “massage guns are fantastic tools to aid in the recuperation process after exercising.” “We refer to these work-ins as rehabilitation processes. Work-ins are equally as important as exercise because they support internal recovery and assist the body regulate the autonomic nervous system, which improves how you feel and how well you perform in your body.

Massage tools can significantly reduce pain, tension, and inflammation over time, even though they can’t totally cure muscular discomfort. Although they might not entirely replace other choices like professional massages, foam rolling, or stretching, they’re nevertheless a valuable supplement to your healing routine.

What Is The Recommended Massage Gun Frequency?

The use of a massage gun is permitted every day, however moderation is advised. Each muscle group should only be used for two minutes at a time. Stop using the massager if you feel any discomfort or sensitivity. Spencer-Browning continues, “You can utilise percussion therapy pre- and post-workout, as well as to treat any onset muscle soreness. “Applying it prior to exercise prepares the muscles for exercise, and using it afterwards relieves any stress or tightness. Additionally, you can use it to treat any muscular pain that develops in the days following your workout.

A final piece of advice is provided by the author: “Many people, particularly first-time users, may be unsure of the pace of their percussion tool. Lower speeds are preferable for pre-workout sessions according to the research behind these gadgets, whilst higher speeds are more appropriate for post-workout recuperation.

Utilizing a Massage Gun (According To The Pros)

The experts we surveyed advised that the ideal strategies for beginning massage gun therapy are to start slowly, let it hover, and keep it moving.

Derrickson observed, “Harder and faster isn’t necessarily better.” “Start with the lowest setting and assess your tolerance and current needs. No matter what setting you pick, don’t use the pistol violently. You don’t want consistent pressure on the skin or in one area the entire time; you want the gun’s head to be able to strike the skin and bounce off. Pass it smoothly over the muscles. Keep the pistol moving on the muscle, and finally. Avoid lingering in one place for too long.

When using one, hold it slightly above the muscle so that it continually massages it, but do not actively push into the muscle, said TJ Mentus, a qualified personal trainer and member of the expert panel at Garage Gym Reviews. Before moving on to the next location, slowly work your way back and forth across one particular muscle for a minute or two. It’s crucial to maintain your calm while doing this to release stress.

Where Should A Massage Gun Not Be Used?

Never apply a massage gun on your neck. By doing so, you run a higher chance of getting a carotid dissection, a carotid artery tear that can reduce your brain’s blood supply. Additionally, stay away from applying a massager to:

Sprained or strained muscles




Bone fractures

Consult your doctor before using a massage gun if you suffer from chronic diseases including high blood pressure, autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, muscle dystrophy, or severe varicose veins.

A massage gun should not be used when there is inflammation, bruising, or an injury present, according to Dr. Alice Williams, a doctor who blogs about healthy living. Since these areas don’t have a lot of muscle mass and may be difficult to use a massage gun on, they should not be utilised around bony areas like ankles, backs of hands, tops of feet, or collarbones.

Effortless Use

The purpose of buying a massage pistol is to utilise it, even though it can be alluring to purchase one with a variety of heads, speeds, buttons, and more. Choose a device that you are familiar with using and at ease using.

Vibration vs. Percussion Therapy

Derrickson stated that he favours percussion therapy guns  over vibration therapy while looking for a new massage gun. Percussive therapy involves beating the gun head on and off the skin, whereas vibration therapy employs vibrations or continual contact of the skin.

Reviews and warranties

It’s crucial to buy from a business that stands behind its goods. Review the warranty conditions to see what is provided (repair, replacement, etc.) in the event that the product malfunctions. Before making a purchase, be sure to read a tonne of reviews; this will enable you to select the massage gun that is perfect for you.

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