DIY methods you should not use for removing wasps’ nest

Wasps are aggressive and when they decide to attack they won’t distinguish between foe and friend. As residents you have to put up with them because it is not possible for you to physically prevent them from building a nest under your roof.   If there is an infestation in your premises and you have decided to remove the wasp nest you should not be doing the following things  the best thing to do under the circumstances is to engage BBPP, the most efficient wasps removal Vaughan and get rid of them instead.

Do not do the following when you attempt DIY

Burn the wasp nest

Burning the nest is not advised. It will prove unsuccessful because wasps nest made of paper like substance is highly inflammable. A burning wasp nest is likely spread fire to neighboring areas and in the process burn yours and neighbors property. You will also suffer from burn injures if things go awry. Another issue with burning the nest is that it is not total annihilation as there would be more wasps alive and foraging nearby for food. They may regroup and starting attacking you when they see their nest burning. They won’t even spare the onlookers. This is a halfway wasp removal measure that will prove counterproductive.

Flooding wasp nest with Water

Flooding the wasp nest with water is supposed to drive them away and considered effective by people who trust in DIY methods. On the contrary it is not at all an effective wasp removal procedure because it will cause damage to your structure and woodwork. If you find wasp nest in your attic and decide to remove it by flooding it will damage the woodwork, beams and plaster boards. On the other hand it won’t be a comprehensive wasp removal as several wasps may foraging for food somewhere nearby. This obviously will end with painful stings and trauma for you. 

Bludgeoning nest with baseball bat

Another indigenous wasp removal method is destroying wasp nest by bashing it with a baseball bat. This actually is the most stupid idea because a baseball with its design won’t be able to kill all the wasps at one blow. This will result in to you and your family members getting stung multiple times by angry wasps. This is the most mindless wasp removal method so don’t give it a consideration. When you get stung multiple times by wasps you are likely to suffer from trauma and may even require being hospitalized and treated for anaphylactic shock.

How to remove wasp nests in the right way

Best way to get rid of wasps from your premises is to call professional wasp removal services such as BBPP, the best pest control Vaughan and for other towns nearby. They would your best choice because they will deploy trained wasp removal technicians besides using the right equipment, protective clothing and environment safe chemicals. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or [email protected] and get a free quote for wasp nest removal.

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