5 Factors to Make Website Designs More Engaging in 2023

There are some aspects of website design and development that will never go away – ease of navigation, fast loading pages, high-quality graphics, engaging content and use of SEO elements. However, each year the standards of creativity have been rising and new technologies are pouring in. Experienced professionals at a Saskatoon web design agency believe that to stay ahead of their competition, businesses must always be wary of what works well in the online world.

With less than three months to 2023, here are some focus points that companies should consider to earn more success from their website design in near future:

1. Flat design and minimalism

Although web design minimalism is not a new concept, Apple’s design philosophy has turned more of attention to it. Keeping graphic design flat and minimalistic is not merely about aesthetics – it also improves the functionality of a web platform or mobile application.

Web designers in Saskatoon now frequently use basic geometric shapes and monochromatic color palette to create flat design websites that load quickly, and appear less cluttered to target audience.

Flat design ideas can reach a new level in the year 2023 as more experienced web design agencies know how to pull them off with nifty tricks. The images can be simple without always being in black and white. Designers can also leverage innovative layouts such as overlapping parts, retro components, and organic or natural designs.

2. White space

Skilled Saskatoon web developers and designers are conscious of white space’s importance from the very first stage of their work in building a website. It is the space that gives visitors moments to rest their eyes as they browse through the content available on a page. It can be used actively or passively on a website of any scale.

There are two types of white space:

  1. Macro – the space exists between visuals and text
  2. Micro – letter spacing and the space that exists between text lines

The key benefits of white space are enhanced content legibility, flexibility to highlight call-to-action (CTA), more balance between design elements, and a neat website.

3. Geo-location or browser-based content

There are some websites where visitors see changes in content when they land upon the same page after a few days or even hours. At times the content also differs between desktop and mobile app and when accessed from different browsers.

We all know that most websites track netizens’ browsing history and location.  However, in times to come, a website’s popularity will depend more critically on content based on user-behavior and the possible intentions of user while visiting a website. Website design agencies will have to enable more personalized content on their clients’ web platforms.  

Personalization of content will probably be most important for e-commerce websites – these portals should display the latest offerings in different categories as per the records of product pages recently viewed by visitors, the ones they saved in cloud or downloaded for future reference, and what they shared on social media.

Dynamic content, when personalized for individual visitors, increases the chances of conversion significantly. 

4. Interactive content

When people look for products and services in the online world, they do not merely wish to see what a business has to offer them. They also want to let the business know what they need.

By adding interactive content sections on its website, a company can provide more value to its target customers and encourage them to spend more time on their portal.

As an example, some bank websites provide calculators for loan EMIs, fixed deposit interest and interest earned on other schemes provided by the organization. With such tools, prospective customers can actually know how much they will have to pay back if they sign up for loan, or how much they can earn if they deposit their savings in the bank for a certain period. 

Other forms of interactive content are polls & surveys, puzzles, quiz contests and invitations for webinars and other online events.

5. Animated cursors

A simple yet fun way that some Saskatoon web designers leverage to improve user experience on a website – and will continue to use in 2023 – is the form of cursor. It is subtle and still gives the website a unique identity.

Business owners can ask their web design agencies to modify the form of cursor or deploy cursor-triggered animations. When such attributes are integrated into a platform, visitors can engage with different scrolling actions and / or on-click commands.

To wrap up, the clock to 2023 is ticking and new digital marketing trends are already rolling in. Is your website prepared to succeed with its outlined goals?

Author bio – Luminary Software is a new-age digital marketing agency that helps you make your website an effective sales and marketing tool. With our web design and SEO solutions in Saskatoon and Regina, we create platforms to drive business outcomes while nurturing best of customer experience.

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