5 Benefits that Make FedEx Ground CDL Jobs Ideal for Experienced Truck Drivers

The United States has a large geographic region and when it comes to transportation of goods by road, commercial truck drivers have some strenuous tasks. They have to handle several responsibilities to ensure that the stocks entrusted to them are safely carried from Point A to B. It is the long distance to be covered that makes their work more challenging. Fortunately, they now have plenty of local FedEx ground CDL jobs, particularly in Pennsylvania, to lighten their burden.

Here are the top reasons that make these local or home everyday CDL jobs good options for practiced truckers with valid CDLs.

1. More time at home

With a local truck driving job in PA, drivers have shift duration of 10 to 11 hours a day. They carry consignments between regional hubs and the daily mileage covered is not more than 300 miles. The drivers can therefore return home every night to have supper in their own home and sleep peacefully on their own bed.

2. Good money with additional benefits

When experienced drivers switch to FedEx truck driving jobs, they do not have to compromise on salary. The payout for these jobs is a minimum of $1500 per week and work is available all year round for constant flow of income. 

Established transportation companies that employ such drivers also provide them medical benefits for a range of treatments including those for eye and dental problems. And they are enrolled for retirement benefits plan after 90 days in service.

3. Shorter work week and paid vacations

Even though they have shorter work duration, truckers who facilitate FedEx deliveries for renowned logistics companies do not have to work throughout a week. They fulfill their duties diligently for 5 days and get 2 weekly offs – this gives them more time to spend with family and friends for planned outings. These truckers also have a quota of paid vacations that can be used once the schedule for pickups and deliveries is finalized with other drivers in their team.

4. Opportunities to work for esteemed brands

FedEx Ground is a reputable company to work for. And while facilitating its deliveries, truck drivers also get associated with other brands that it serves. They carry products supplied through well-known retail chains and e-commerce enterprises such as Walmart and Chewy.com. In this process they interact with people in various divisions and can make continuous improvements in their soft skills while also developing more confidence to lead at work.

5. Career growth prospects

This follows from the previous point. The experience of working for diverse clientele enhances learning, experience and eventually the career growth prospects for truck drivers in local CDL Class A jobs. Their employers keep a track record of their skill improvement and often ask them to mentor new employees. Some of these drivers also get doubles endorsements, leading to a substantial rise in weekly earning.

Conclusively, for any truck driving enthusiast who made a choice to work in the bustling logistics sector, taking up a local CDL Class A jobs or FedEx truck driving jobs is a wise decision. It is a long-term earning opportunity and does not tie workers to desks to stare on cumbersome screens.

Author Bio – Based in Pennsylvania, J&S Anand Inc. is an established transportation company, operating in its industry for over a decade. And it provides home daily CDL jobs to experienced drivers who prefer driving within a state. It has a well-maintained fleet of trucks and long-standing business relationships with renowned enterprises that need regular consignment pickup/delivery solutions.

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