Best electric bikes and electric scooters in India

One of the world’s biggest markets for two-wheelers is India. Currently, we Indians are using conventional petrol-powered motorcycles and scooters. But, recently, we have experienced the onset of electric vehicles too. In India, the electric mobility market is now gradually beginning to prosper. Although the EV ecosystem is still nascent, people have now considered affordable personal electric mobility solutions. There is now a tonne of inexpensive electric scooters on the Indian market.

While many of these e-scooters pack more range, features, and performance for a price, the other side of the spectrum has low-speed, affordable alternatives.

While many of these e-scooters cost more and offer more excellent range, features, and performance, there are low-speed, more cost-effective options.

First of all, allow us to let you know which sort of electric scooters now no longer require any kind of registration or using a license to operate. So, the low-speed electric scooters that can be powered by a 250-watt motor and run at a velocity of up to twenty-five kmph don’t need any license. Such low-speed electric scooters can be used by almost anyone, from a college-going student to a senior citizen. 

Now let’s look at the best electric scooters in India in the low-speed segment. We will also explore why Vegh S25 is the best electric scooter or better than others in India.

Best Electric scooters in India under the low-speed category

  • Vegh S25 and Vegh L25 by Vegh Automobiles
  • E Pluto by Pure EV
  • Entrance by Pure EV
  • Atria by Hero
  • Flash by Hero
  • Freedum by Okaya EV

Vegh S25 and L25:

Both electric scooters are low-speed, so one doesn’t have to get a license to drive them. If we see the price, S25 costs INR 73 K while L25 costs INR 76K. 

Under the low-speed category, these two electric scooters are the most economical ones. Not just the price, but from the range point of view, Vegh Automobiles is better than others. Vegh S25 has a range of 80 km, while Vegh L25 has a range of 90 km. 

Vegh offers cruise control, auto repair mode, security alarm, stand sensors, disc brake, and reverse mode. All these features make it one of the best electric scooters in India in the low-speed segment.

E Pluto and Etrance by Pure EV:

The range of the E Pluto electric scooter, a low-speed electric scooter by Pure EV, is 65 to 70 Km. It has a max speed of 25-35 kmph. It has a 60 V 40 Ah lithium battery with 3 years guarantee. 

One can buy this electric scooter for INR 85K.

Compared to the Vegh S25 and L25, the prices of both E Pluto and Etrance are higher, and their range is less. Moreover, Vegh is offering the Cruise control option, which Pure EV is not offering.

Atria and Flash by Hero Electric:

The Atria and Flash are low-speed electric scooters by Hero electric with a range of up to 80 km. Both have a max speed of 35 kmph. One can buy Atria for INR 75K, while Flash will cost INR 67K.

Both have a battery of 51.2 V, 30 Ah.

If we compare it with the Vegh electric Scooters, though Atria and Flash have high-power batteries, they don’t have features like cruise control, auto repair mode, security alarm, stand sensor, disk brake, and reverse mode.

Freedum by Okaya EV: 

Freedum is a low-speed electric scooter by Okaya EV. It has a max speed of 25 kmph and a range of 75 km. It has a battery of 48 V, 30Ah, with a charging time of 5-6 hours. Unlike other brands, Okaya EV offers a remote wheel lock facility. Still, in comparison to Vegh S25 or Vegh L25, it doesn’t have features like cruise control, auto repair mode, security alarm, and reverse mode.

Freedum has 2 variants, LA-2 and LI2. The price of LA-2 is INR 58,900, and the cost of LI-2 is INR 74,900. Vegh L25 and Vegh S25 both have a better range and battery and are economical.

In conclusion, regarding the low-speed segment, Vegh Automobiles has a better electric scooter to offer consumers.

Do you know Vegh Automobiles is also offering financing options?

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