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Hershey’s Kisses are delicious little candies produced by Hershey’s. There are many different Hershey’s products available, but kisses are probably one of the brand’s top-notch products, as you can simply unwrap one and pop them in your mouth for a mouthwatering flavor.

This blog is going to dive into the history of Hershey and Hershey’s kisses and also look at various interesting facts about them.

History of Hershey Kisses

The Hershey Company was founded in America but has now grown into a multinational company. Their success has made them stand out among the world’s top chocolate producers. In addition to cookies, cakes, and other baked products, they are also well known for their variety of candies and chocolates.

Kisses were first introduced in 1907 by Hershey’s. Their unique shape and size set them apart, but still, other companies quickly attempted to copy them. The plumes did not appear on the packaging until 1921. Initially, they were stamped with branding rather than flavors as a way to keep Hershey’s Kisses apart from its rivals.

With more than 70 million Kisses produced daily, today Hershey’s Kisses are still among the most popular chocolate options available in the market. They are among the few candies that still use the original recipe they started.

The inverter of Hershey’s Kisses

We assume the Hershey Company and Hershey’s Kisses were both founded by Milton S. Hershey. It is unclear whether anyone else may have had the brilliant idea for Hershey’s Kisses since the Hershey Company is credited as the inventor.

Initially, they were wrapped by hand

Kisses were hand wrapped when they were first introduced in 1907. This lengthy process would last until 1921 when the company began using a wrapping machine that also inserted the distinctive paper plume that still exists today.

How Kisses got their name

If you ask how Kisses got their name, you may be told that it was because of the sound the machinery made as it squirted each Kiss onto a conveyor belt. However, experts don’t believe this (and Hershey’s will not say definitively). A likely explanation is that “Kiss” was a colloquial word for a bite-sized candy at the turn of the century, and the name just stuck.

Hold a Guinness world record

If you think the idea of a 1-pound Hershey’s Kisses absurd, think about this: To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Hershey’s made a Kisses that weighed more than 30,000 pounds and displayed it at Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in 2007. The mega-Kisses continue to hold the Guinness world record for producing the largest single chocolate.

Where to buy Hershey’s kisses

Hershey’s kisses are available at grocery stores or some major candy stores as well. But it might be difficult to find various flavors at local shops. You can buy Hershey’s different seasonal and specialty flavors online at Snackstar. They offer various international snacks with great offers and discounts.

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