How To Ensure Your Dental Implants Look Completely Natural

Dentures have been around since the 7th Century BC. Dental implants are a much younger solution for tooth loss. The breakthrough that led to today’s advanced and modern dental implants occurred in Sweden in the 1950s — by accident.

Researcher Dr. Per-Ingvar Brenmark was working on a project to develop screws that could be used in surgery on rabbits (yes, you read that correctly), but his effort to use screws made of titanium was too effective. Once those titanium screws were in position, they couldn’t be removed. Those non-removable titanium screws proved useless for rabbit-related surgery, but the failure resulted in today’s available dental implants in Millwoods.

Once an implant’s titanium post is placed in your jaw, your body accepts that screw as if it were a natural tooth root as opposed to a foreign object. That triggers a process called osseointegration through which the implant and bone become entirely fused. After a lengthy period of recovery to ensure you’ve healed and that the fusion process is complete, your dentist in Millwoods will connect an abutment to that post and finally a restoration to that abutment. That restoration might be a crown, bridge or denture, whichever is required to restore your full dental function.

Replacing missing teeth is one thing. Replacing lost dental function is another thing. And those are two very important things, but there are other issues, too. Here’s one question we get often at Dental Elements and that we want to answer here: will my dental implants look natural? Like real teeth? After all, if self-consciousness and embarrassment is one factor that caused you to ask your dentist in Millwoods about dental implants, the last thing you want is a (so-called) solution that’ll be just as embarrassing. The short answer to this important question is a resounding: yes! Here’s a slightly longer answer.

There are three factors to consider when prioritizing the natural appearance of your dental implants. Here’s a brief introduction to each to discuss with a dentist near you.

How experienced is your dentist? The technology behind dental implants near you has become extremely well-developed and precise. Having said that, the impact of that technology and those techniques can vary from person to person, and one of the biggest factors in determining your satisfaction is the professionalism and experience of your dentist. If you’re considering implants, ask your potential dentist about their experience with precisely the type of implants you’re considering. Ask them about recent training and investments in technology. Ask them to show you a portfolio of images from real patients and ensure your dentist is certified. At Dental Elements, we’re proud to answer these questions and are never offended by patients pressing us to explain our expertise. Your confidence is important to us.

Insist on customization. Ensuring you receive dental implants that look completely natural and accomplish your cosmetic goals as effectively as your restorative goals is an artistic issue as much as a dental one. Confirm for your dentist that it’s extremely important to you that: the colour of your restorations matches your neighbouring healthy teeth; that your implant be placed deep enough that there is no gap between your gums and restoration, but a seamless transition; and that the space between your natural teeth is filled fully and seamlessly by your restoration. If your dentist hesitates or fails to take your priorities into account, look for a new dentist.

Don’t wait too long to consider implants. The longer that you live without teeth, the more bone loss you’ll suffer in your jaw. If you wait too long, there may not be enough bone mass or density to sustain an implant without augmentation ahead of time. One enormous key to ensuring a successful implant — cosmetically and functionally — is to act while your jaw is healthy and strong. Ask your dentist as soon as you’re ready if implants may be a good option for you. They’ll give you their best advice about timing and how to act at the best moment. 

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