The Downside of Ignoring a Collection Agency

A loan may be subjected to delinquency sometimes. The debtor may be in acute financial woes and might not be able to repay the loan dues. Despite continuous efforts from the lender, the debtor may sometimes fail to respond positively and do the needful. But what if the creditor opts to hire a Collection Agency Georgia to deal with the defaulted debt? How efficient are they in the recovery battle and what if they are ignored and taken easily by the borrower? Well, here we are discussing all the downside of ignoring a debt collection agency in Georgia and the recovery calls made by them!

Consequences of Ignoring A Collection Agency Georgia

Choosing not to reply to the 3rd party collection team, never works for the debtor. Instead, it makes things worse for him. A creditor is wise to choose a collection agent to communicate and deal with the loan delinquency as they are professionals with an effective way out for every problem.

  1. Ignoring A Recovery Agent Will Never Stop The Pursuit

It is foolish on the part of a loan borrower to stop answering the recovery calls or choosing not to reply to his emails. This will never stop the Collection Agency Georgia from making the pursuit. A debt collection agency earns commission only when a repayment is made and this is the sole reason that they will not give up so easily. But one thing that needs mentioning here is that the debt collectors never cross the lines and always abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This refrain them from adopting any objectionable or unlawful methods

  • Borrower’s Credit Score is Tarnished

If a debtor tries to play smart and remains cold to the recovery calls by the Collection Agency Georgia, he may hurt his credit score. All the call-ignoring and debt delinquency are reported to the credit bureaus and the future loan credibility is badly affected.

  • The Debtor Can Never Ascertain The Legitimacy Of The Loan

To know the loan accuracy, the dues and all the related information, it is necessary that the debtor responds to the pursuit calls and if the calls and emails go un-responded, he will never be able to find out the validation of the debt.

  • The Debtor May End Up Swelling His Dues

If the right repayment action is not taken up by the borrower, he may end up adding to his woes as the Collection Agency Georgia keeps compounding the dues and debt amount upon each successive payment failure.

  • The Debtor Will Be Unable To Settle Debts

Talking to the credit collection agency always helps! Ignoring them multiplies the problems. If the debtor chooses to communicate and state their problems, the professional debt collection agency in Georgia always helps them with a customized recovery plan and they are also up for negotiations.

  • The Legal Strangulation

The worst result of ignoring a Collection Agency Georgia is the legal attack that the debtor faces. The collection agency has a strong legal foothold and is quick to drag the defaulter to the court to find some legal respite to the loan battle

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