5 Bathroom Renovation Tips and Advice

When it comes to enhancing the entire home’s look and value, the bathroom is the most important space in the house after the kitchen. Walking into a beautiful, well-designed bathroom can make you feel calm and happy.

If you want to bring your dream bathroom to life but are confused about where to begin, this blog will help you with tips and expert advice on how best to approach a bathroom renovation.

Plan your design and budget, and timeline

Before stepping into a bathroom renovation, you should have to make a solid plan and budget. Not only will this give you and your renovator a guideline to follow, but it will also help you estimate the budget for the entire project. Even if some expenses exceed your budget, you can still easily track them if you have a budget in place. Without a plan, it is easy to overspend on purchases and fail to recognise the project’s actual cost.

Choose calm and relaxing colours

The colour scheme is one of the most important aspects of any bathroom renovation. Light blues and greens are two colours that you should consider, but keep in mind that there are no right or wrong colours to use. Some people prefer a more dramatic colour scheme, such as deep purple accents against light blue walls. However, choosing calming and relaxing colours can make your bathroom feel more comfortable and relaxing to use.

Colour coordination between your bathroom floor tiles and wall colours is also essential because it helps to tie everything together nicely. Check out various designs online for ideas on what colour schemes might look good in your bathroom. Numerous interior design websites and magazines are available where you take inspiration. 

Use lighting fixtures to brighten up the bathroom

Adding new lighting fixtures will brighten up your bathroom and help illuminate dark corners, create a relaxing atmosphere, and even set the tone for different bathroom activities like reading. Lights are also great for increasing storage space underneath your sink by allowing you to stack items on top of each other, which is where they should be when not in use!

So think about it: what kind of lighting do you want to create the mood you want? How many light bulbs are there now, and how many more do you require? 

Add additional storage space

A Bathroom contains many items that must be stored hygienically. Keeping toothbrushes, hand towels, soaps, moisturisers and other items in an open space or near wash basins can appear strange and kill the space’s aesthetic appeal. Instead, build cabinets or install storage racks where they can be neatly stacked and protected from falls and dust accumulation.

Upgrade and go green 

If you are on a tight budget, updating some of the bathroom’s hardware and fittings is a quick and simple way to brighten the space and make a significant difference. To continue the savings after renovation, install water-conserving technologies. It will make your bathroom more efficient by saving water and money for a long time.

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