Shatter Packaging —Why does it Matter?

Looking for the best way to hold concentrates to maintain their integrity can be challenging for cannabis businesses that are new to the game. Hence, this is where the idea of sturdy packaging comes in, for instance, shatter packaging. Delicate cannabis concentrates like wax and shatters require special care against attack from external factors.

However, CBD businesses struggle with picking suitable containers that help keep their concentrates intact and project a distinctive brand image. Shatter manufacture includes using water to extract plant oils. Consequently, it has a very high THC level and needs increased protection.

If you are a business facing similar challenges in the Cannabis industry, we have your back! In this blog post, we will discuss everything about shatter and suggest you some top-notch ways to package it. Let’s get straight into it to learn more.

What Exactly Is Shatter?

To be among the leading Cannabis brands in your country, you must familiarize yourself with the key terms. Shatter is a Cannabis concentrate bearing a solid and translucent, glass-like appearance. As the name suggests, you may ‘shatter’ its appearance into smaller pieces much like those of glass.

Shatter is manufactured by saturating strain-specific marijuana flowers with butane gas to remove residue, fats, lipids, and other chemicals from cannabis oil. As a result, a thick, glass-like substance is produced, full of THC and other cannabinoids.

How to Medicate Shatter?

For beginners, it is advisable to use shatter through a handy vaporizer pen (readily available in the stores). However, people familiar with shatter use a dab rig instead, and they heat the nail of the rig to their desired temperature. As a result, shatter drops into the pin, which produces vapors.  

How Does Shatter Taste?

Shatter concentrates may have different tastes depending upon the strains. For example, if the extract were produced from Sativa leaves, it would have a citrusy flavor. On the other hand, Indica may make an earthier flavored shatter.

Since shatter is more readily available in dispensaries than other cannabis concentrates, it is an excellent option to start with. However, ensure you know how to protect it well, and choose an ideal packaging for CBD to keep them protected for a long time.

What Is the Right Way to Store Shatter?

If you are in the business, you know the significance of quality packaging to keep your concentrates fresh. Similarly, marijuana extracts need special protection to retain their essence and medical properties. So, make sure you pick packaging that keeps your shatter potent, fresh, and safe. Below are some helpful ways to store your shatter, given that you observe the correct instructions:

Plastic Jars

Small plastic jars ensure that the components of shatter remain intact. Hence, it may be used to store shatter to preserve its chemical qualities. Since they are transparent and allow visibility of the color, they can be used to sell or keep your concentrates. Plastics, however, are porous; thus, they cannot be used to retain highly concentrated chemicals for an extended time. The shatter’s chemicals could leak out and adhere to the jar.

Glass Jars

Glass Jars are in high demand when it comes to storing dispensaries. They are ideal for storing waxes, medicines, shatters, and similar concentrates due to their non-porous properties. It ensures that the chemical properties remain intact and don’t leach into the jar. While they are high-priced and subject to breaking, these are the most preferred storage containers for sensitive items like shatter.

Coin Envelopes

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option to package your concentrates, coin envelopes may be a relatively suitable option. These are simple envelopes that may hold dry cannabis concentrates like shatter. Since the shatter is not oily or waxy, it may be packaged perfectly into these envelopes.

Foil Pouch

Although it may sound like an out-of-the-blue option, foil pouches or bags work well to store dry concentrates like shatter. Similarly, you may even use plastic bags for packaging your shatter, especially Mylar, which is an ideal plastic for packaging. Since they may also be made of different colors, you can customize these bags before selling them to the users.

 What is the Best Option to Store Shatter?

Despite the breakability, glass jars are the most suitable packaging options for shattering since it’s much better than the rest. They allow your stored shatter to stay safe and potent while maintaining its chemical properties. Also, they give a classier look to your concentration and reveal their face to the buyers.

Final Words

Shatter is readily available in many dispensaries; however, their packaging may be tricky to figure out. For your convenience, use glass jars to ensure the product remains intact while captivating your audience with a perfect final look; once you invest in suitable glass jars and adequately take care of them while shipping, you are good to go.

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