The majority of auto fans, particularly Porsche fanatics, value automotive heritage. In the auto industry, Porsche is one of the most renowned luxury brands. However, a Porsche’s gorgeous appearance, opulent style, and unmistakable performance make it easy for anybody to recognise one.

Porsches are still among the most well-liked sports vehicles on the planet for a reason. They provide any driver pristine, excellent design aesthetics, the best fusion of technology, comfort, and precision engineering, and they are incredibly entertaining to drive.

Porsche develops welcoming automobiles for all drivers despite its famous performance on a racetrack or when cruising down the Venetian Causeway. With a Porsche rental from American Luxury Group, you may enjoy a day trip in style and record the moment as well.

Buckle up, as every Porsche boasts incredible speed and has an astonishing level of torque that may throw you back in your seat. You can choose a Porsche from some of our favourite models, whether you want to relax while driving or push the limits of your exotic car rental in Miami while channelling your inner grand touring driver.


With the exception of summer thunderstorms and sporadic spring rains, South Florida enjoys wonderful weather virtually all year long. But so few of us stop to enjoy the breathtaking tropical surroundings. So don’t put it off any longer; the moment is now. The summer breeze is in full force as the temperature rises once more.

Anyone who drives will enjoy pulling down their windows to enjoy the pleasant summer breeze. With a rental automobile from American Luxury Group, you can go even further.

Today, we’re discussing convertibles and all the wonderful advantages they may provide in a beautiful location like Miami and the surrounding region of South Florida.


The ability to drop the roof back and explore the world without the steel enclosing you is undoubtedly the most prominent advantage of driving a convertible. However, this can also improve your overall visibility by removing blind spots.

Driving a convertible luxury rental car will enable you to take in more of your surroundings and lessen any manoeuvrability or parking challenges. When you lower the top, you expand your field of vision and get true 360-degree visibility by avoiding the C-common pillar’s and potentially hazardous blind area.


The world in which we live is getting busier. Any time you can add more tasks to your day without putting in more work is a terrific opportunity.

Consider it this way: while travelling from A to B in South Florida, you may acquire a fantastic tan!

By just pressing a button, many current cars may switch from coupe to sedan or vice versa. You can have the best of both worlds with this. If you happen to run into a patch of those notoriously unpredictable Florida showers, you can still enjoy some breeze in your hair and some sun on your face while still having the protection and security of a roof.

You can get a vintage, athletic style with dual usefulness by renting a convertible luxury car. When you want some extra style that wouldn’t appear out of place in Miami Beach, a convertible car can give you the wow-factor you’re searching for.


Due to the hectic nature of most people’s daily lives in modern society, even a brief period of time spent driving can significantly reduce psychological stress. However, this figurative and existential headroom can be offered by a convertible luxury car hire.

How often have you found yourself rushing down the road only to find the ideal set of torches for your lawn, only to discover that your car is too small to fit them? This won’t be an issue if you drive a convertible car. You can store anything you want to, just pop the roof back.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people continue to work from home and engage in social isolation, therefore they are searching for secure methods to pass their spare time at home. Long lunches, making crafts at home, and making your own bread are all currently popular trends that are officially making a comeback.

The Lastella exotics team would like to enter the fray and add our favourite to the list. Additionally, our recommendations for a safe way to leave the house include a Sunday drive.

Consider a leisurely drive down Calle Ocho via Wynwood and Little Havana. You can enjoy the safety and comfort of a luxury car while viewing brilliant street art while learning more about Cuban history and culture from some of Miami’s oldest buildings.

Take the wheel of a premium rental car for comfort and performance on the go.

Think back to a time before Google Maps gave us precise directions. In this period of social isolation, a simple drive can be just what you need.

When was the last time you just jumped in and started driving? The optimal time to start your car, press the accelerator, and head out for a Sunday drive—or even a Wednesday afternoon trip, for that matter—might be right now. With Lastella Exotics’s luxury car rentals, you may take a ride whenever you choose.


There is no wrong way to enjoy a leisurely drive, so why not do it in an upscale or exotic car like a Miami Ferrari rental?

Even if the most well-known luxury car rentals may boast about their cars’ smooth rides and powerful engines, the very best cars can give something extra, even for a unique driving experience for an afternoon away from home.

Simply simply, exotic and luxury automobiles tend to be just that—exotic and premium.

With the illustrious racing heritage of a sports car like a Ferrari 488 Spider or Portofino Spider, there’s just a different vibe inside the cockpit.

The 488 is the pinnacle of exquisite open-top sportscar finesse. As you sprint across South Florida, the car’s lightweight, aerodynamic, and creatively constructed underbody maintains it light and manoeuvrable. High revving, strong acceleration, and razor-sharp performance are all features of this Ferrari.

The Portofino Spider was also created by Ferrari with the driver’s enjoyment in mind. The retractable hardtop convertible is the ideal vehicle for taking in Biscayne Bay’s salty spray while enjoying (socially-distant) wide headroom. For quick outings with family and friends, the Portofino Spider even has two rear seats.

The Lamborghini Aventador S gives the same open-air driving delights with untamed, violent performance while these Ferrari automobiles offer a polished driving experience. This vehicle was specifically developed as a tribute to the aerospace sector and accepts no concessions in terms of design.

Do you desire an electric driving experience? Never accept anything less than a rented Lamborghini.


Whatever the situation, staying together is still crucial above all else in bad times. The old Sunday drives helped families who merely wanted some sunshine during the dark times.

Maybe the next generation will remember the moments when school abruptly ended and their parents took them on a “Sunday trip” in a luxury or exotic car rental.

Whatever the cause, there is no better option than renting a Porsche from our staff when you wish to travel in style in a luxury or exotic car. The new 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe S, specifically.

The Cayenne Coupe has both a beautiful exterior and an outstanding interior. Perhaps this Porsche seems the same as the exotic car rentals discussed earlier. The Cayenne Coupe nevertheless offers the extra space and seats you’ll need to go on your next vacation with loved ones.

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