The PewDiePie phenomenon: the YouTuber who earns 8 million dollars a month

The Swedish content creator is a brand unto himself by serving as a showcase for more than 98 million followers on YouTube, among other portals.

Felix Kjellberg , also known as PewDiePie, is the most subscribed YouTuber on YouTube on the planet with over 98 million followers . His accounts, according to a study conducted by Purple Moon Promotional Products, reach 8 million dollars billed each month.

What began as a hobby for this 29-year-old Swedish man born in Gothenburg ended up becoming a career through YouTube to the point of being one of the 100 most influential people in the world according to TIME magazine . This is not trivial. The data, far from being anecdotal, highlights the position of his person as a highly attractive company for international brands.

The importance of selling derivative products

Of all this amount, it is estimated that 6.8 million dollars per month come from derivative products, from merchandising , while 1.1 million dollars are from direct advertising of their videos. His channel is well known and is specialized in video games, its main potential audience. Currently, his channel has more than twice the population of Spain. The also known elRubiusOMG , leader in Spain, also appears on the list.

Top-20 youtubers with the most income from merchandising | Image: Purple Moon

Like Ninja, the well-known streamer specializing in Fortnite: Battle Royale with 14 million followers who has left Twitch for Mixer, PewDiePie signed an exclusivity contract with the DLive platform last April , where he performs his live shows exclusively in exchange of a large-money contract. According to The New York Times , in 2018 he earned $15.5 million.

Even though it has had problems and controversies along the way that have cost it to break agreements with companies like Disney, its growth has been uninterrupted. To this must be added the more than 440,000 followers of DLive and 17.7 million on Instagram, another social network that is especially attractive for brands due to its potential as a showcase and influence for all types of audiences and ages.

In the Purple Moon report, via PRWeek, you can check the Top-20 streamers who earn the most money in the world.

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