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iPixel is a Skin Resurfacing technology that uses ablative technology to rejuvenate aged skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. It uses laser pulses to remove layers from the upper dermis and epidermis, thus enabling collagen remodeling and healthy and youthful skin tissue. Pixel Erbium Laser combines the dramatic effects of ablative technology with the patient’s comfort levels. The uses of Erbium lasers are endless from acne scars, stretch marks, and Skin tightening,Ontario to scarred skin tissue, sun-damaged skin, aged skin, irregular texture, fine lines, large pores, and wrinkles too!

During your procedure, you will experience a mild sunburn sensation for about an hour, and your skin will seem ‘flushed’ with a pinkish tone for a few days following the treatment. In Fractional Laser, the laser beam is split into a series of dots in a grid formation, this is reflected on the surface of the skin being treated. Improvement of the skin is ensured through the two-fold process: laser removes damage from the surface of the skin, and stimulates collagen remodeling below the surface.

There will be some downtime due to the ablative approach, going both deeper and superficial layers of the skin, it’ll be a few days (roughly 4–5 days) before creams and makeup can be applied. There can be mild swelling and flaking following the days after the treatment, both of which are signs of the healing process.

The most common areas that are treated: are the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. In Consultation, areas can be more specified, and iPixel can be performed on the vast majority of the body. This treatment is sometimes used as a preventative before indications occur. Erbium Pixel resurfacing is able to focus on areas without the overshadowing of concern for hyper or hypopigmentation, infection, and significant downtime.

This is a collagen-boosting procedure that will change your skin for the better. Texture, fine lines, and wrinkles will no longer be of concern with your results. There will be noticeable improvements in just one treatment alone, yet for longer-lasting and more youthful appearances, more treatments may be required.


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