Pyramidal microwave absorb foam

JINAN EMI SHIELDING Technology is a professional manufacturer of EMI shielding gasketconductive foam, thermal conductive double side tape, conductive mesh, thermal conductive double side tape, conductive fabric, EMF shielding fabric, Thermal gap filler, EMI RFI shielding solution, EMI washer, copper foil adhesive tape.

Jinan EMI Shielding Technology CO., LTD set up in 2003 is an innovative venture studying the innovative work of EMI Shielding Materials, EMI Gaskets, EMI Shielding Room Products, pyramidal microwave safeguard, and Thermal Management Products.

Based on the touchy textures, the enterprise uses five patent methods, receives uncommon artworks, and has fostered modern materials of electromagnetic wave defensive textures. The texture can also additionally need to reach 100 dB withinside the protecting adequacy and 0.005–0.008O/sq withinside the ground resistivity, and this is the most reduced resistivity texture on the planet. The EMI Shielding Mesh is for optical safeguarding and furthermore making the protecting showcase.

The X-Y-Z Conductive Foam utilized for all sides is a conductive necessity and cost-conservative. For the EMI Gasket Material, we fostered the Fabric Over Foam Gasket, beryllium copper finger stock, and Conductive Silicone elastomer. We have a wide range of toolings for the vast majority of shapes and sizes. EMI shielding gasketconductive foam We could likewise make the exceptional shapes as indicated by the client drawings and solicitation. Protecting room items are EMI Shielding Adhesive Tapes, Emi Shielding Honeycomb vent panel, shielding entryways, and EMI power channel.

We also made and research the pyramidal Microwave Absorb Material for many years, it is for the anechoic room. We have experience for build anechoic rooms after we finish more than 200 projects. We’ll never stop improving, and researching and we’ll make the best quality products and best service for our customers!

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