5 ways you can follow to care for your rug

Always a beautiful addition to any peaceful stop it is also a beautiful and fun way to add some flair to your environment. Not only are they beautiful but they also become an important addition to any space. It also works as an air filter that helps remove allowance and dust throughout the home. That is why it is important to take care of them properly and keep them clean and rotating at least twice a year.

Always beautiful and pretty pricey. As they are intended to stay in a home for a longer period and also require a great investment it is important to clean them regularly. Once you buy rugs online from an online rug store all you need to know is how to care for it to keep it looking amazing. Different types of rug materials require different types of care but some common steps are the same for every material and style of rug

Table of content 

  1. Know the material of your area rug
  2. Give a rotation to your area rug
  3. Schedule regular cleaning to keep it refreshing
  4. Avoid stains, spills, and sun 
  5. Protect your rug from furniture
  1. Know the material of your area rug

To get to know the specific care for your area rug, it is important to know the particular material. Make sure to check out what type of yarn your rug is made of and if there are any specific instructions to follow. There are so many materials available in the market that do not require specific instructions to clean. 

Whether your rug is of Nylon polyester wood or any other material it is important to know how to treat your wrong so that it will remain longer. It is always advised to follow regular cleaning or professional cleaning twice a year.

  1. Give a rotation to your area rug

If you have placed your area rug in a high-traffic area it is important to give it a rotation after some time. There is a rule of thumb to follow so that you can rotate your work at least 6 months or more frequently. Every time you rotate your rug it will give you a way to clean the under area from dust and debris. 

Also, ensure that there is no wear and tear and loss of the thread. If there is any, do not pull it off, instead, you can cut these loose threads carefully with scissors. 

  1. Schedule regular cleaning to keep it refreshing

Casual is a process of regular cleaning to keep your space refreshing. Professional cleaning is also the best way to ensure the strength of your drug. You can also do surface cleaning by yourself but if you have a high-traffic area a professional cleaning can be required within 6 months. This scheduled cleaning can help you to reverse a lot of day-to-day damage that can ruin your rug. 

  1. Avoid stains, spills, and sun 

Water stains and spills can cause serious damage to your area rug. Even direct exposure to sunlight can also harm the longevity of your rug and cause color fade. If a spill happens, carefully clean the surface immediately. 

To keep your area rug safe and effective, make sure to avoid stains and spills of every kind. If you have active exposure to sunlight from your windows, keep the blonds close when the room is not in use. This will help you protect your rug and preserve its colors and dyes of the rugs. 

  1. Protect your rug from furniture

Furniture can also be the biggest cause of rug damage. Instead of placing the furniture on top of your beautiful rug, using protectors on the feet or edges of your furniture is a great idea. This will prevent damage to your rug. Also, make sure to clean your furniture before placing it above your area rug. Remember that protecting your rugs from furniture damage is a necessary step in taking care of them.


Many homeowners in Ohio can consider professional cleaning for their rugs in Ohio. The benefit you can get from Professional cleaning is that you will be aware of the problem and then fix them while they are cleaning. Clean the spill immediately and avoid rubbing. Also, turn your rug regularly to ensure wear and tears.

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