Things to consider before Bond Cleaning

Bond back cleaning is an unavoidable necessity. This is the only way you can get your deposit money back. If your property is not up to the mark when you leave the house, you may not get your money back at all. Apart from the money part, it is essential to conduct proper cleaning because it is ethical to do so.

Imagine you are all excited to move to your new house and it is all messy. Also, the place where you have spent years deserves to be left in good condition. For this reason, people hire professional bond cleaning companies to get that perfect house cleaning and get their bond money back.

Just looking for a bond back cleaning company is not enough. There are a lot of things that you need to take care of before your the cleaners walk into the house.

Bond Cleaning Company

Here is a list of things that you should do before your bond cleaners walk-in:

Choose the right cleaning company.

One of the crucial things before going in for a bond cleaning inspection is to get it done by professionals. Choosing the right cleaning company is the most important aspect in that case. It is so because they have the expertise and the right equipment that can help you win the inspection stage.

Arrange the supplies.

If you want to conduct the cleaning yourself, then you must get your hands on the right cleaning supplies. You can choose them as per your preference. You can go in for chemical-free products. There are organic cleaning solutions also available on the market.

Things that you must have if you are conducting the bond cleaning yourself:

Vacuum cleaner



Scrubbing brush



Home-based solutions

Now, some home-based solutions are believed to treat stubborn stains:

Baking soda, vinegar, perfume, alcohol, etc.

Though you use these solutions and get the equipment, many bond back cleaning companies in Melbourne do not recommend using them. The reason behind it is simple. Some of the solutions that we prepare simply fade the stains rather than clean them completely. If the color of your carpet reacts negatively to the solution that you prepare, then instead of getting back that carpet glow, it will ruin the real color.

Declutter your house.

It is better to conduct cleaning in a vacant place or a place with lesser stuff. Follow these steps to sort your place:

Go through your inventory and divide your stuff into these categories:

Donate your items to help others.

There could be old toys or clothes that no longer fit you. You may feel attached to it, but you should be practical and donate it to someone in need. And the smile that you get from them is all the good fortune you need in life.

Stuff you need to dispose of

There is no point in spending money on repairing that machine for the third time. Yes, we tend to spend a lot on repairs rather than getting a new thing. If your machine is troubling you and you have spent a lot on repairing it, then it is time to dispose it and get a new one.

Things that you can consider selling

Check to see if all of your furniture will easily fit in your new home or if you will need to buy new or make a newly customized one there. If you need new furniture, then sell the old one.

Now, fewer things will reduce your load of cleaning. You may even miss some areas if there are too many things that cover the area.

Conduct the move before cleaning.

Many bond back cleaning companies also recommend that you conduct the move first. This way, it becomes easy to conduct cleaning in an empty house. If you want to conduct move out cleaning at the same time, then you can ask your movers if they provide a storage facility and store the goods there for some time.

Take out all the electrical appliances.

Cleaners may use heavy-pressure water supplies, and if it comes in contact with any of the electrical appliances, they may cause a serious electrical hazard. Thus, plug out all the appliances in advance.

Make a checklist.

You will need to clean every area thoroughly to pass that inspection. If you miss even a single area, you will be in a fix. So make a checklist beforehand to avoid missing anything. Some of the areas that catch the attention and are very prone to stains are:


-Tiles and Grout





Keep cross-checking this checklist and you will not panic later.

So, these are things that you should consider before calling in your cleaners. I hope you are all set to move to your new place. Best wishes :).